Former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller goes to church ‘butt-naked’ and gets arrested!

Just had a thought the other day like wanting to run around ‘butt-naked’ through my neighborhood here in China, holding an American flag while yelling ‘America #1’, as we came out of top as the country with the most wins, having dominated the Olympic Games which was hosted in London (England). For too things would lead to me getting arrested; being naked and BLACK. But what Jason “Mayhem” Miller did takes the cake for his stunt.

The former UFC fighter had been arrested for breaking into the Mission Hills Church (Mission Viejo, CA) and causing chaos. When authorities arrived, it is said the church was completely trashed. One could imagine bibles, programs and hymn books having been scattered all over the place.

Reports say Mayhem was found laying on the couch asleep. Of course he was taken into custody and is currently being medically evaluated.