Eminem’s Recovery Follow-Up Could Arrive Soon

Eminem has dedicated most of his recent free time to helping Slaughterhouse put the finishing touches on Welcome to: Our House, but he’s also snuck in some time to begin work on a solo album. Em confirmed that still in the premature staged of putting the LP together, but Royce Da 5’9″ wouldn’t doubt that the Detroit rapper has more material than he’s letting on.

“I’ve actually kinda just started. I’ve been on the move a little bit too, so in between things, I sneak songs in here and there,” Em revealed during a recent interview with Slaughterhouse. “We actually just finished the [Slaughterhouse] album last week … Now I’ve got time to be able to start doing things for my own project.”

Despite Em’s claims to be in the early stages of recording, Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9″ is confident that at the pace he works, Shady might already have a sizeable catalog at his fingertips.

“Marshall is the type that never really stops recording, so when you get in the studio he’s in the back room where the booth is and the door is locked,” Royce said on the set of Slaughterhouse’s “Throw it Away” video, where Em made a cameo. “Nobody’s allowed back there, nobody ever knows what he’s doing. All I know is that he’s constantly working, so if he told me that he had an album ready right now, I would believe him because he’s like a work horse. He works every day.”

During his studio time with Slaughterhouse, Eminem admitted that he’s been using “all of Dre’s little tricks, I’ve stolen over the years” to perfect songs, and that should translate into a memorable body of work. Em released his last solo LP, Recovery, in 2010.