Terry Milla – High Speed Paper Chase

Terry Milla – High Speed Paper chase

Terry Milla aka Milla-Terry (formerly Mr.E / Longshott) is a veteran Atlanta hip-hop recording artist with a sound that is both new and classic. Being one of Atlanta’s original grassroots lyricists gave him a unique perspective of its music scene. Crossing paths with the likes of Jazzy Phae, Polow Da Don, Goodie Mob, and many others, he records and performs with a standard of excellence and professionalism. It is a music business and he understands that but he views his music and talents as a true expression of creativity which is his gift to the world. Being able to create great music that is still commercially marketable is a sign of a true artist. Terry Milla is such an artist. Born and raised in the SWATS (South West Atlanta Too Strong), he grew up in a financially diverse environment. The SWATS demographic group ranges from affluent/upper middle class African-Americans to low-income hustlers, thugs, and pimps. This gumbo pot of people gave Terry Milla a well balanced perspective on life, and it comes out in his music. for full article visit About Terry Milla

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