Ghostface Shares His ‘Good Ass Night’ On MTV2’s ‘Guy Code’

By Carter Maness

Ghostface Killah will be a featured guest on the new season of the MTV2 series “Guy Code,” which premieres on Tuesday night, and in an preview clip, he shows-off what his ideal “Good Ass Night” would entail.

Engaging in his trademark wordplay, Ghost focuses his perfect night (and day) around the pursuit of, yes, women and money. “A good ass night to me is getting up in the morning and getting money. Maybe you do a show or bag a little chick or something,” he says in a preview clip. “You know what I mean? Bring her back to the room, skip all the talking, you get right to business and you just do what you gotta do.”

He goes on to add that this ritual is ideal if repeated every single day forever.

The show, which celebrates men in all their glory, begins its second season on Tuesday, July 17 at 11pm ET/PT on MTV2. Its panel for this season will feature a new member, Christopher “Big Black” Boykins,” along with first season mainstays Chris Distefano, model Levy Tran and “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Lisa Ramos.

Ghostface has been relatively silent on the music front since the release of Apollo Kids in 2010. Recently, he was a highlight on multiple episodes of another MTV2 series, “Hip-Hop Squares,” showing off his humor and intellect in equal measure. He also recently linked-up with Marvel Comics to create a trademark shirt and skateboard line based on his Tony Starks moniker.

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