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Young Jeezy Shares His Good Ass Night On ‘Guy Code’

A new season of MTV 2’s “Guy Code” is well underway, and on Tuesday night’s epsiode, which airs at 11pm EST on MTV 2, Young Jeezy shares his idea of a ‘Good Ass Night.’ Think you can keep up with Jeezy’s agenda from sundown to sunrise? Find out.

“‘A Good Ass Night’ for me would start off in maybe 8 to 10 different clubs, some of them would be exotic entertainment, the rest of them would be probably the hoodest clubs in America,” Jeezy admits. What’s next?

“We’re gonna get an assortment of chicks, we’re gonna put them on the party bus and party no the way to the next club,” he adds, noting that there will be plenty of Patron, Ciroc and champagne involved. The party will obviously rage until the early morning hours, when breakfast will simply be topped off with more champagne.

Catch “Guy Code” at 11p.m. on MTV 2.

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50 Cent’s Street King Immortal Due In November

Get More: Music News

50 Cent dropped his free album 5 (Murder By Numbers) only a few weeks ago, but he’s already looking forward to his upcoming 5th studio project Street King Immortal. The LP is now expected to arrive on November 13 via Interscope and Shady/Aftermath Records.

Fif has fought some very public battles with his label recently, airing them out on Twitter for not supporting him, then later backtracking. All of that aside, though, it seems like there might be smooth sailing for here on in. Knowing that his studio album would be delayed, 50 told MTV News that he needed to drop a street LP.

“What I’m releasing right now is a part of me wanting music out during the middle of the summer,” he said about 5 (Murder By Numbers). “I had a plan for myself: I wanted to have the new record come out during my birthday. I don’t really need label support for this project. It’s about the actual music, and I don’t think people buy what record label you’re on; I think they buy music or buy into the actual artist themselves.”

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Drake Gets Custom NCAA Championship Ring From Kentucky Wildcats

If you remember this line from “Thank Me Later”: “Damn, I swear sports and music are so synonymous, Cause we want to be them, and they want to be us,” know that Drake wasn’t kidding at all. Rappers and athletes clearly share a bond, but that was taken to a new level this weekend when Drake received a personalized NCAA Championship ring from the Kentucky Wildcats.

Drake shared a photo of the ring, engraved with “Drizzy,” via Instagram this weekend, probably confusing some fans as to why he’d received a ring…since he doesn’t play ball with them. But the Toronto rapper has been building a relationship with the team over the past three years, making a notable appearance at Big Blue Madness in 2009 after coach John Calipari was hired.

He had this to say in 2010, “All of us really just bonded this year. I went to see a lot of the games last season. I’m also very close with Coach Cal, so I just showed my support. I took a lot of planes to see a lot of games.”

Drake also beat Kevin Hart in a heated game of paintball this past weekend while back at home, but he didn’t receive a ring for that victory.


Big K.R.I.T. – What U Mean ft. Ludacris Video

Jay Electronica Reveals Act II: Patents Of Nobility Tracklist

We’re finally getting close. For awhile there we lost hope that Jay Electronica’s new album would ever arrive, until Jay-Z reassured us that it would, back in May, and now there’s finally a tracklist to prove it. Check it after the jump.

The New Orleans MC shared the tracklist via Twitter, with a series of messages:
“Every magic trick consists of three parts,” “The Pledge: where the magician shows you something ordinary; a bird, a deck of cards or a man,” “The Turn: Where the magician takes the ordinary something and does something…”

He also gave a shout out to Hov for his patience, adding, “id like to take this opportunity to thank Hov for being one of the most patient label heads in the history of label heads. #RocLaFamilia”

1. Real Magic ft. Ronald Reagan
2. New Illuminati ft. Kanye West
3. Patents of Nobility
4. Life On Mars ft. Erykah Badu
5. Bonnie Clyde ft. Serge Gainsbourg
6. Dinner At Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory) ft. Charlotte Gainesbourg, Jay-Z The-Dream
7. Memories Merlot
8. Better In Tune With The Infinite ft. Latonya Givens
9. A Letter to Fallon
10. Road to Perdition ft. Jay-Z
11. Welcome to Knighsbridge f. Diddy
12. Rough Love ft. Kanye West
13. Run Hide ft. The Bullitts
14. Nights Of The Roundtable
15. 10,000 Lotus Petals


Lupe Fiasco Ready To Record All City Chess Club Mixtape

By Nadeska Alexis with reporting by Sway Calloway

It’s amazing what a little pressure can do. Fans have been waiting patiently for music (or any news, really) from Lupe Fiasco and his All City Chess Club, and now it finally seems like a mixtape could be on the way.

The first rule of All City Chess Club is: “If they said it, they’re in it.” That’s the word according to Lupe Fiasco, who gathered a few talented young rappers that were “rocking on the same wavelength” to form a powerhouse collective. The problem, however, is that J. Cole, Wale, Blu, Mickey Factz, B.o.B, Asher Roth and company haven’t linked up to record anything substantial, but Lupe says the right efforts could yield a mixtape in the near future.

Lupe has his own album, Food Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Part 1, coming up this fall, but during this week’s episode of“RapFix Live,” a few members of his club — Diggy, Mickey Factz, and B.o.B — had questions for him about the status of the collective.

Mickey Factz, echoing the sentiments of fans, wanted to know, “When are we gonna get everybody to do this All City Chess Club project, brother?” adding, “Call B.o.B, I’ll get Wale, I’ll get Cole — let’s just make this happen. It’s getting ridiculous now. We’re going on about two years now. Let’s make it work.” Lupe, momentarily taken aback but generally amused by the barrage of questions, laughed it off, then gave in. “Aight, let’s do it,” he said. “Everybody who’s a part of the All City Chess Club, let’s do it. Let’s make something happen. I’m ready.”

Since we’ve haven’t heard much from or about the crew, save for their “I’m Beamin’ (remix),” Lupe explained his original vision behind the all-star collective: “Everybody [has] their own piece, and I never meant it to be a Wu-Tang thing or nothing like that,” he said. “[It was] just to show some unity from everybody who was rocking on the same wavelength — so Blu, Asher Roth, the Cool Kids, Mickey, I reached out to J. Cole, I reached out to Wale, Diggy of course, and my man Dosage from Philadelphia.”

Of trying to rope everyone in to record a project, Lupe said, “That’s gonna be mayhem, but ya’ll wanna do it? Let’s do it. It’s a process. We’ll put it together correctly and write, and make sure everybody gets their fair share. I think it’ll most likely live in the mixtape world so we don’t get caught up in that label thing.”

With the head count over 10 at this point, it seems reasonable to expect a mixtape project from the All City Chess Club over a studio-backed LP. “You know, the publishing splits on that are gonna be bananas?” Lupe said, laughing. “And that’s what I was tryna tell ’em, like, ‘Man, you gonna get like 30 cents [each].’ “

So, new mixtape from All City Chess Club following Food Liquor II? “I’ll do my best. I can’t make any promises, but I’ll do my best,” Lupe said. Currently, the full lineup stands as: J. Cole, Wale, B.o.B, Charles Hamilton, Blu, the Cool Kids, Dosage, Diggy, Asher Roth and Pharrell.

And far as his Child Rebel Soldier supergroup with Kane West and Pharrell, Lupe explained: “Everybody’s schedule is mad different, everybody’s in mad different places. I honestly think it’s something that went into a coma on the operating table, and it’s just in a coma in the other wing of the hospital, waiting to wake up.”


Rihanna And Calvin Harris Have Awkward Dressing Room Encounter

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

In a new interview, Rihanna’s “We Found Love” cohort, Calvin Harris, reportedly jokes about a very awkward encounter he had when the songbird tried to get close to him. 

Via Entertainment Wise, in an upcoming interview with Q magazine, Harris shares that Rihanna once tried to get more friendly with him, by inviting him into her dressing room, but it didn’t really work out.

“She’s tried,” he reportedly told Q. “She’s like, ‘Yeah, come on and hang out in my dressing room.’ I’m like, ‘Arrrgh!’ I mean, what do I say to Rihanna?” Harris ultimately missed his chance to hang with Rihanna due to his own nervousness. “She’s great, she’s well friendly, she’s nice, I see that,” he said. “But, I can’t. That’s my own fault because I’m really awkward around her.”

The duo shared the stage at this year’s Coachella festival without any apparent awkwardness. During Calvin’s set, Rihanna (who was not expected to show up) announced her arrival at the festival with a series of tweets and racy Instagram pics, and on Sunday night she joined him to perform her hit single “We Found Love.” The two seem to be fine platonic friends. Rihanna recently tweeted a line from Harris’ “Feel So Close” which he retweeted.

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Rick Ross – Sixteen feat. Andre 3000

Check this new joint out!! “Sixteen” by Rick Ross feat Andre 3000.

Dizzee Rascal Performs At London Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics were a spectacular affair, and throughout the night there were more than a few nods to the UK’s pop culture resume. Especially the music. There were plenty of acrobats and athletes around plus performers like Dizzee Rascal who helped paying tribute to 1960s British music. His Olympics theme song “Scream”  was a winner, and last night after delivering his hit “Bonkers,” the soundtrack ran the gamut from The Rolling Stones to David Bowie.

MTV News’ full-recap of the Opening Ceremony:

By James Montgomery

Costing a reported $42 million (less than half of the grand ceremony that kicked off the Beijing games in 2008), the Opening Ceremony of the London games featured more than 10,000 athletes — and nearly as many performers. But music played an important role throughout, scoring the entrances of each nation and, in one segment of the production, taking center stage as an army of dancers worked their way through a routine that focused squarely on the nation’s greatest export: classic songs like “My Generation,” “Satisfaction” and newer contributions like “Born Slippy,” “Valerie” and “Song Two.”

Aside from the music, the centerpiece of the Ceremony was an English pastoral transported directly into the center of Olympic Stadium. It featured actual grassy meadows, a water mill, livestock and even a cottage with a smoking chimney. Each nation — 204 in all — planted its flag on the gently sloping hill, and after Great Britain’s athletes did their victory lap, the Arctic Monkeys roared onto the stage to blast through their hit “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor” as fireworks blasted overhead. Then, as cyclists dressed as doves (a nod to one of the oldest Olympic traditions) rode into view, the Monkeys turned in a reverent version of the Beatles’ “Come Together,” frontman Alex Turner looking very much like a young John Lennon in his Teddy Boy phase with his slicked back pompadour.

Then, after the Queen officially declared the games of the 30th Olympiad open, the Olympic torch was brought into the stadium by Britain’s most decorated athlete, Sir Steven Redgrave (who received it from soccer star David Beckham), completing the flame’s 12,800-mile voyage. As a new generation of British athletes lit the Olympic cauldron, the strains of Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse” boomed overhead. Then, the elaborate, hours-long ceremony was closed by (who else?) Sir Paul McCartney, who played the refrain of “The End,” then launched into one of the Beatles’ most famous tunes — “Hey Jude” — leading the packed stadium (and, one can assume, the billions watching around the world) in its iconic “na-na-na” chorus. And with that, the ceremony reached its appropriate conclusion, having honored the spirit of the Olympics and the great musical tradition of the host nation.

Let the games begin.


Usher Stepson, Kile Glover To Be Laid To Rest Today

Today singer Usher, his ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond and biological dad Ryan Glover, family and friends will wave goodbye to Kile Glover today in whats expected to be an emotional funeral service. The young teenager passed away last Saturday after his heart failed when he was removed from life support and many supporters are expected to pack the Wieuca Road Baptist Church where the service will be held.

Recently Tameka took to her Twiiter account to thank fans for their outpouring support.

“I appreciate the hundreds, perhaps thousands of prayers. I’m so grateful to you guys. Kile was the most fun, creative, sweet, respectful boy” Tameka tweeted. “Our goal to to increase water safety- thru implementing laws, policies education. Kiles passing will not be in vain, we will see to this.”

Glover was struck by a jet ski on Atlanta’s Lake Lanier on July 6 while riding an inner tube with a friend. He was immediately airlifted to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him brain-dead. Glover was removed from life support last weekend, after his family previously issued statements asking fans for their prayers.

“We know God’s in control, and are leaning on our faith in Him and His word at this most difficult time,” the family said in a statement following the accident. “We firmly believe in the power of prayer and ask that you all continue to pray and lift Kile up, as it’s the best way we can all support him now.”

The man driving the jet ski that struck Glover was identified as 38-year-old family friend Jeffrey S. Hubbard. Police have not decided to press any charges so far. A second victim, a 15-year-old girl, was also injured in the accident, but she’s said to be recovering after suffering from a broken arm and a cut on the head.

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Odd Future Speaks Out About Frank Ocean’s Love For Bagels

By Rob Markman

Frank Ocean once loved a man and Channel Orange is an awesome album. By now these are facts that music fans have come to accept, but hold tight because there may be another controversy brewing. On Wednesday Frank’s Odd Future homeys Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt revealed the OFWGKTA singer really, really, really loves… bagels.

You didn’t really expect Odd Future to address Ocean’s revelation that he once carried on a love affair with a man with any seriousness did you?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” bellowed Tyler.

“I think it’s crazy that that n—a likes bagels like that; for the longest he was frontin’,” said Earl, who had just finished twirling around in the swivel chair he was seated in. “We’d go to the store like, ‘N—a do you want some bagels?’ and He’ll be like, ‘I don’t f— with bagels.’ “

In part, bagels is a euphemism for boys, even if the gag got twisted at times during the conversation. On July 4, a week before he dropped his major-label debut Channel Orange,Ocean published a passage on his Tumblr where he revealed that his first love was a man. “All l of a sudden a week before the album drop this n—a like, ‘Pass me the cinnamon raisin with the cream cheese,’ ” Earl joked nothing the amount of bagels that would be in the Los Angeles studio where OF often records. “It was n—a ’cause for the longest nobody would pass him no type of bagels. You know how many bagels there is at Paramount? In that f—in’ kitchen?”

Tyler is clearly over the topic and what Ocean’s revelation means to the world of music. “It’s funny because no one cares,” he said. “I actually don’t give a f—, do you give a f—?”

For Earl, Frank Ocean’s sexual or pastry preference doesn’t matter, as long as the music is right. “That album was tight whether or not he likes bagels,” he said.

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Lupe Fiasco Shares ”Lamborghini Angels’ From Food & Liquor 2

By Rob Markman, with reporting by Sway Calloway

Lupe Fiasco has a unique writing process. Before the Chicago MC hits the booth, he hits the books so he can educate himself before he pens his rhymes. It’s a technique that helped him through the recording process on his upcoming Food Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Part 1. On Lu’s reading list were Howard Zinn’s “The Bomb” and Stephen Pimpare’s “A People’s History of Poverty in America.” The latter inspired Lupe’s next single, “Lamborghini Angels.”

The track won’t be out until about the third week of August, after the Muslim fasting period that Lupe is currently taking part in. Still, that didn’t stop the Chicago spitter from delivering an a cappella preview of the song when he visited “RapFix Live” on Wednesday. The track’s title may suggest something flashy, but the verse of “Lamborghini Angels” that Lupe previewed talked about the specific inequalities that women faced in the 1800s. “Literally that’s the anecdote that went down in the book, 100 years ago. I was like, let me make a rap out of that,” Lu said of the bars that he spit. “It’s really like, Oh, you’re a woman in the 1800s and you want to go to school? You’re crazy and we’re sending you to a mental asylum to get a lobotomy.”

It was a memorable day for the MC, who later in the show broke down in tears after he, “RapFix” host Sway Calloway and Queens, New York, rapper Nature watched a 2006 clip from MTV’s “My Block” series in which a young Lupe took Sway on a tour through his west side Chicago ‘hood.

The trip down memory lane proved to be too much for Fiasco, who started to cry after seeing old footage of friends who are now either locked up or in a grave. It was a very touching moment. “Chicago’s the murder capital. The dudes in that video are in prison, a couple of fed cases, and then there’s ghosts. You see people that, that ain’t there,” he said, sobbing, hiding his tears behind his round-rimmed shades. “To see that so real, it hurts, bro. I ain’t gonna front. It hurts; it hurts a lot to speak to ghosts.”

Check Lupe Fiasco’s verse to “Lamborghini Angels” below:

“With her eyes to the ceiling and a needle to her brain/ She looks back into the crowd, wipes the blood and then explains/ How she slipped from this existence to the realm of the deranged/ Her becoming must be halted to reverse what she became/ From the looseness of her tongue, to the pollution of her aims/ To do nothing is barbaric, the solution is humane/ You must destroy the mind and hopefully retrain/ You torture out the wildness, then replace it with the tame/ Blank slate when she recovers, she won’t even know her name/ Perfect wife and perfect lover, no resistance, no complaints/ My God bless the scientific cure for the insane/ Knew that she shouldn’t go to school, but she thought that that should change.”

What do you think of Lupe Fiasco’s “Lamborghini Angels” verse? Let us know in the comments!

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Lil Wayne – My Homies Still ft. Big Sean

Lil Wayne – My Homies Still ft. Big Sean

Katherine Jackson Confirms Losing Custody Of Michael Jackson’s Children

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for the Jackson family, to say the least. Last weekend Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson initially seemed to be missing, and once recovered a fight and kidnapping allegations followed. The latest news found Katherine temporarily losing custody of Paris, Prince and Blanket. Now the Jackson matriach has issued a statement clearing up rumors that she went missing, but she did confirm that the children were temporarily taken out of her custody and that the court’s ruling was “based on a bunch of lies.”

Katherine Jackson spoke to ABC News from the Miraval Arizona Report Spa in Tucson, AZ, where she was said to be de-stressing, with Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie Jackson at her side.

I am here today to let everybody know that I am fine and I am here with my children, and my children would never do a thing to me like that, holding me against my will,” she was quoted as saying, in the full transcript. It’s very stupid for people to think that. But anyway, I am devastated that while I’ve been away, that my children, my grandchildren, have been taken away from me, and I’m coming home to see about that, also.

So I spoke to my grandson, TJ, last night, that I left there to be in charge of my children — and I never leave home without leaving them with instructions of who to stay there with them, the nanny and all of them — and someone had let go the cook, the nanny, and also the housekeepers. I don’t know who did that but they don’t have that power and they shouldn’t have done it.

And now, the people are saying they are there with nothing to eat. I am sure they have something to eat but it’s probably not healthy because the cook is not there.

But since I have also been away, my guardianship, which I just said, my children, have been taken away from me, my guardianship has been taken away from me. And, but, I spoke to my grandson TJ and also I spoke to Prince and Paris last night and told him I would be home today and they’re waiting for me to come.

And I told him it wasn’t necessary for him to go down and sign for guardianship. … I don’t know who instructed him to do that — but that’s what, but he wanted me to come home before that happened, but the ruling in court today was about the guardianship and I think it was based on a bunch of lies, but I have a good idea who’s doing that and who’s behind that…”

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Mixtape Daily: Cyhi The Prynce Makes It To The Ivy League

By Rob Markman

Mixtape Daily Main Pick
Headliner: Cyhi the Prynce

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: Ivy League Club

Real Spit: Cyhi the Prynce may be signed to the world’s most famous College Dropout, but on Ivy League Club, Kanye West’s protégé gives fans a dose of higher education.

“It was something that really explained my train of thought and how I think,” Cyhi told Mixtape Daily of his latest release.

Cyhi didn’t attend an Ivy League college, but he equates it all to the education he received in the school of hard knocks. “I felt like I was one of the most intelligent guys running the streets when I was running the streets. I felt like it was a good way to explain my upbringing,” he said.

The G.O.O.D. Music MC sets the tape’s tone on the Mike Will-produced “Ivy League” and continues the street-education theme on the marijuana-laced “Honor Roll.” The latter is backed by a somber piano track, which finds Cyhi spitting about his need for weed: “I’m out here tryna stay alive, rollin’ ’till the day I die/ Smokin’ on a juicy J, pulled up bumpin’ Playa Fly.”

On “Drank Smoke,” Cyhi partners with Big K.R.I.T. and Yelawolf for a soulful Southern ode, and on “100 Bottles,” he uses his pull to recruit Chris Brown and Big Sean on a catchy club anthem.

Throughout the course of the 21-track tape, Cyhi gets his point across with well-timed and witty raps. No matter how much smarts he applied to drug dealing, it is clear he is best served using his talents in the studio. He sums it all up rather nicely on “Changed” when he spits: “I’m a prince, I can’t see myself dying over dope/ Shawty, I’m tired of goin’ to jail lyin’ under oath/ I used to keep the work in the lining of my coat/ I had the dubs and the dimes for the low,” he rhymes before folding his drug-dealing past right back into hip-hop. “The hustle’s still in my DNA/ If it wasn’t for hip-hop, I don’t know where I would be today/ A couple of years ago I got signed to G.O.O.D. Music, but trust me that wasn’t my last time seein’ ‘Ye.”

Joints to Check For
» “Slick”: “It was just something me and my partners grew up saying and I felt like everybody was saying it at the time and I was just like, ‘Yo, I need to dial in to this idea of doing an anthem for ‘Slick.’ “

» “Lives”: “It’s just a record where I’m speaking on how I feel like the rest of our lives is gonna play out. … It’s a very personal record to me. It’s soulful and it’s one of my favorite samples growing up when my partner Will Smith shot it.”


Kidnapping Allegations Fly After Fight Between Janet And Paris Jackson

By Carter Maness

The wild drama within the Jackson family has progressed to extreme levels with a new accusation that Jermaine, Randy and Janet Jackson were fighting with Michael’s children, Paris, Prince and Blanket, due to a deliberate plan to separate Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, from her grandchildren.

After the false-alarm disappearance of Katherine over the weekend, the deceased pop star’s siblings reportedly drove through heavy security gates to take custody of his children’s phones, halt their public airing of private family business and cover-up an attempt to remove the children from Katherine’s custody.

In turn, Katherine Jackson and her attorneys have reportedly released a statement claiming that an unnamed Jackson had been conspiring to ‘kidnap’ her for at least three years and this is why they actually wanted the phones. “Following the incident, it was learned that one of the family members who was part of the ambush admitted that a plan has been in place for the last three years to remove Katherine Jackson from her home and her beloved grandchildren,” reads part of their statement.

While no arrests were made, there was definitely an altercation between Jackson’s siblings and his children yesterday (July 23) at their Calabasas, CA home. In footage shot before police arrived and posted by TMZ, Janet Jackson is shown swiping at Paris’ cell phone before moving into the house out of potential paparazzi view.

Radar Online is now claiming that Janet and company attempted to take the teenagers’ phones because they wanted Paris to stop tweeting private information about the family and her grandmother. Because Katherine Jackson was never actually missing, they were apparently alarmed by the stream of tweets from Paris and the mobilization of Twitter users to help find her.

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UK Video Of The Week: Smiler

By Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson

Artist Name: Smiler
Location: London, UK.
Musical Style: “Bringing back that ’95 rap sound into the post-millennium.”

Smiler, a conscious-minded rhymer from south London, is what hip-hop has been missing. His style of rapping will automatically take you to a place of yesteryear, where lyrics had more meaning to it, where flows were much more complex than a lot of today’s nursery rhyme-style rubbish. Having grown up listening to dons of hip-hop lyricism, namely Nas, Smiler picked up skills from his favorite MCs and molded a unique sound for himself.

After six years of putting blood, sweat, and his own money into music (see: “Neighbourhood”), it all finally paid off when Warner signed the Lana Del Rey collaborator at the end of 2011. “It has been very different being a signed artist,” Smiler told RapFix. “If you had of asked me towards the end of last year, after I just signed my deal and was in the readjusting stages, I probably would’ve told you that it was not much different, due to the fact that much wasn’t really happening – as we were in the process of strategizing a whole new plan.

“Since we started to put the wheels in motion for my All I Know mixtape project, and I went on the MOBO tour, I began to feel everything going up a notch or three – from my profile, the speed at which things were getting done and, of course, my network. It’s a beautiful feeling working with a team of people who not only share your vision, but are also as enthusiastic and excited about your future as you are.”

This week’s “UK Video Of The Week” comes from Smiler, featuring Professor Green and Tawiah. “Top Of The World” is the new uplifting single from the smooth spitter, and the title pretty much speaks for itself. Smiler’s flow on this track just makes you want to smile and bounce, while Tawiah’s amazing vocal will make you want to put it on repeat all day! If you haven’t heard of Professor Green over in the States yet, I’m pretty sure you will do very soon. The former battle-rapping, now chart-topping star adds some braggadocio to finish off the track nicely, which was only right.

“It was great working with Pro and Tawiah on “Top Of The World” because before anything, they’re both really talented musicians,” Smiler says about working with the rapper and up-and-coming vocalist. “I was familiar with Tawiah prior to working with her, but hadn’t heard too much of her music. Her future looks real bright.

“It’s a pleasure to work with Pro, it’s something that the two of us had been discussing for a while but schedules and finding the right song hindered us. I sent it to him, he liked it, we bounced dates back and forth, he invited me to his studio and he laid down his verse. I’ve got a lot of time for Pro, he has kept it 100 with me from the second we spoke, so it’s all love.”

Smiler has high hopes for his future. “I hope “Top Of The World” connects with the masses, in the sense that it familiarises them with Smiler and makes them look forward to hearing more. I believe I have a lot to offer and would love for the nation to give me the opportunity to show them,” says Smiler on his next major single release.

He added: “Over the next 6-12 months, I plan to solidify my position as one of the most exciting artists to come out of the UK. Also, I aim to deliver a classic debut album and remind my existing support base why they’ve supported me to this point, and entice them and everybody else who aren’t yet familiar with Smiler to join me on what could be a long, illustrious and eventful journey…”

RapFix’s “UK Video Of The Week” is a new weekly column by UK-based music journalist, Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson, designed to give us a closer look at hip-hop across the pond. Stay tuned.

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Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music Team covers Complex Magazine

The G.O.O.D. Music team is gearing up for their ‘Cruel Summer’ compilation album release (September 7). Plus 2 Chainz, the unofficial artist to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label is set to drop his Based On a T.R.U. Story album on August 14. His album is set to feature artists such as Kanye West himself, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris and a few other hip hop heavy hitters.

Meanwhile, most of the G.O.O.D. Music crew stopped by Complex Magazine for an exclusive interview talking about Ye’s work ethic and what separates their team from other hip hop labels.

Read the full story here: http://www.complex.com/music/2012/07/good-music-cover-story

Exclusive: R. Kelly Stops By MTV News

Legendary soul singer R. Kelly made an exclusive stop at 1515 Broadway to pay the good folks at MTV News a grand ole visit. In what’s guaranteed to be another exciting interview, the pied piper sat down with our very own Rebecca Thomas and touched on his new autobiography “Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me,” the upcoming Whitney Houston-featured film “Sparkle” and his perspective on today’s music (Jigga who?). Be sure to check back with MTVNews.com all week long as we bring you the best of Kells’ world.

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Your Very Own iPhone Ringtones

Your Very Own iPhone Ringtones

Are you a hip-hop artist/producer like myself and would love to make your very own iPhone ringtones? If so, now you have the option to do just that. With iPhone ringtones, you can record your own ringtones using a microphone, create ringtones using songs in your iPod , or browse a library of over 500,000 songs.

Recording your own ringtones using a microphone is a very cool feature. This gives you the flexibility to customize your ringtones daily if you like. Maybe you have a trending topic on Facebook or Twitter, just a simple voice over and your phone will be updated as well. Or, you can record your morning freestyle over your favorite track and broadcast it to your friends every time you receive an incoming phone call.

Creating ringtones using songs in your iPod is one of my favorite features. No disrespect to the major recording artist, but I really enjoy listening to my own original music. When I record a new song, I immediately download it into my iPod. Being an unsigned artist, It gives me a rush when someone hears my ringtone and ask “Who’s that?” I proudly say “that one of my recordings”. Usually a friend would ask for a copy of it!

When I just want to find the latest ringtones from popular artists, I just browse through the library of songs to find something I like. Another cool thing about iPhone ringtones is that they have or 500,000 ringtones in their database. You can browse by category and find exactly what you are looking for. I listen to hip-hop, r&b, and reggae music so you know I have no problem finding something I like. In fact, I have several Outkast, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G. ringtones already downloaded. I have my headphones in right now searching for more hot music, I gotta stay ahead of the game at all times.

Rick Ross Gives An Early Look At God Forgives, I Don’t

By Rob Markman

Rick Ross‘ anticipated sixth album God Forgives, I Don’t has been over a year in the making, and the MMG CEO gave MTV News a track-by-track breakdown of the upcoming LP, in addition to insight on the record processing, crafting the cover, and more.

From the album’s menacing title to its meaningful cover, from its future rap hits to its well-laid concepts, the Bawse sat down with MTV News at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington D.C. for our Hip-Hop Music Preview, breaking down, in his own words, his long-awaited God Forgives, I Don’t.

The Title: God Forgives, I Don’t
“I knew approaching this album, I wanted to approach titling it a lot different from previous albums. I wanted it to be strong and impactful. The first half is God Forgives: It’s a lot of us need forgiveness. I Don’t represented the street aspect of life. I feel we have both sides that we deal with in life. I gave ’em one of those feelings that it was a motion picture, a masterpiece, five-star.”

The Album Cover
“We actually used a church to shoot some photos in. I remember sitting in the church just waiting for the photographer, and I remember sitting in there praying, just being thankful. I knew I wanted to have 10 Jesus pieces on. Of course, one Jesus piece was always fly, but I just wanted 10. I just wanted to go to that next level.”

The Recording Process
“I keep my circle extremely small when it comes to me recording my music. I put the music together before I even put the words to the music, because I feel it’s easier for me to write the words and make it fit the music versus me finding music that can fit my words.”

The Cinematic Influence
“This may be ‘Inglourious Basterds,’ man. We gonna peel your scalp back on this one. Quentin Tarantino, that’s one of the vibes I was in when I titled the album. I wanted to approach it like a film.”

The Tracks
“Hold Me Back”: “That’s the struggle, the angle I wanted to take on that record once again from somebody who may not have much, but that don’t determine where you end up in the game. From struggle to triumph, as long as you stay loyal with your clique and your family, you can overcome whatever. That’s how I feel.”

“Amsterdam”: “It’s based around the red light district, but I kinda flipped it where being a boss you gotta get approval for a green light. I’m one of those people you can’t green light. As long I’ve been in this game, there’s been a lot of talk, but ain’t nobody stepped on these 11 and a half’s. The reason being: This is the red light district, you can’t move on this side.”

“Diced Pineapples”: “When I got out of the hospital — you know, I had a seizure last year — when I was leaving, the doctor told me, ‘You gotta eat some more fruit, drink you some water, eat fruit and just relax for a little while.’ My fruit of choice was pineapples. For the next three weeks, I woke up every morning and ate diced pineapples, and I put the concept together. Drizzy came in, as well as Wale, and it’s kinda like, ‘She could be my diced pineapple. This special lady, she could be what I wake up to every morning and help me get by every day.”

The Five-Word Description
“Classic, untouchable, boss, success, revenge. If you doubted us being here three years ago, five years ago, you don’t understand hip-hop, you don’t understand the power of rap music.”

Check in with MTV News all this week for our Hip-Hop Music Preview, when rap’s biggest names give you an in-depth look at some of the year’s most anticipated albums. Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #MTVHipHopPreview!

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Terry Milla – High Speed Paper Chase

Terry Milla – High Speed Paper chase

Terry Milla aka Milla-Terry (formerly Mr.E / Longshott) is a veteran Atlanta hip-hop recording artist with a sound that is both new and classic. Being one of Atlanta’s original grassroots lyricists gave him a unique perspective of its music scene. Crossing paths with the likes of Jazzy Phae, Polow Da Don, Goodie Mob, and many others, he records and performs with a standard of excellence and professionalism. It is a music business and he understands that but he views his music and talents as a true expression of creativity which is his gift to the world. Being able to create great music that is still commercially marketable is a sign of a true artist. Terry Milla is such an artist. Born and raised in the SWATS (South West Atlanta Too Strong), he grew up in a financially diverse environment. The SWATS demographic group ranges from affluent/upper middle class African-Americans to low-income hustlers, thugs, and pimps. This gumbo pot of people gave Terry Milla a well balanced perspective on life, and it comes out in his music. for full article visit About Terry Milla

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Reunite In St. Tropez?

via Rihanna instagram

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Could Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna be reuniting on vacation? From the looks of Twitter and Instagram, many are speculating that the former flames may be crossing paths in St. Tropez.

On July 21, Rihanna shared that she was at the tropical island on Magic Johnson’s yacht by ReTweeting “@MagicJohnson: We had a great time hanging with @Rihanna her friends on her yacht.” We did too! Thank you.” The singer has been photographed by paparazzi throughout her vacation there.

Rapper Ludacris posted that day that he was heading to the island too. “St Tropez France here I come,” he tweeted. Chris Brown then shared a few hours ago on Twitter that he was accompanying Luda on the holiday. “This ni–a Luda flying the damn helicopter! I’m shi–ing bricks right now” and “Landed on the boat!”

Rihanna Shows Off Bikini Body On A Yacht

Shortly thereafter, Rihanna tweeted, “Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit” which some think was a subliminal message to Chris. Just last month, the former lovers were seen allegedly sharing champagne in NYC. Could a reconciliation be far off?

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‘Dark Knight’ Shooter Has Strong Distaste For Hip Hop

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Details about the suspect behind the tragic “Dark Knight” movie theater shooting in Colorado continue to surface. Those who had previously encountered James Eagan Holmes explained that he had a particular distaste for rap music.

Reuters interviewed several people that knew James Eagan Holmes, identified by police as the gunman who opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater on Friday and killing 12 people and wounding approximately 58. One neighbor, Rachel Reed, shares that she ran into Holmes at a local watering hole called the Zephyr and when she put a Lil Wayne song on the jukebox, he responded negatively. “Holmes disapproved, she said, preferring rock ‘n’ roll music. He came over and “made some racially charged comments about rap,” she said.”

MTV News reported Friday that witnesses said the shooter kicked his way through an emergency exit near the front of the theater about 20 minutes into the midnight screening of the final film in the “Dark Knight” trilogy wearing what appeared to be a bullet-proof vest and a gas mask as he opened fire with a shotgun and an AK-47-style automatic weapon. Police said they also found two handguns at the scene. Little is known about the alleged suspect’s motives.

Shooting Suspect James Holmes’ Booby-Trapped Apartment Cleared By Police

The studio behind the movie released a statement on Friday morning that read, “Warner Bros. is deeply saddened to learn about this shocking incident. We extend our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims at this tragic time.”

Members of the hip-hop community reacted to the news on Twitter:

@QtipTheAbstract said, “Prayers go out to the families n friends of the victims n the wounded. Horrible tragedy. #aurora

@Tyrese: These are really the end of our days. People devious crimes are getting worst and worst.. In a theater.? My prayers to the family I’m so sad.

@JustBlaze: “Regardless of all the differing opinions. Many lost their lives last night. Dont lose focus on the petty issues. There’s a bigger picture.”


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