EOJ da Boothman – Bright Lights Flashing

EOJ Da Boothman – Bright Lights Flashing

“Been on this shit forever, but still we gettin’ better, the best part about it though, this time we gettin’ cheddar” Truer words describing one of Atlanta’s most overlooked team’s in HIPHOP have never been uttered with such conviction as stated by EOJ da Boothman on the upcoming release “future Today”. Hailing from Southwest Atlanta’s Ben Hill neighborhood, known for being home to such artist like GoodieMoB and Rocko, and mega producer DJ Toomp to name a few. This student of Hip-Hop and activist of the culture is finally making a mainstream release with the single “Bright Light’s Flashin”. The oddest part about it though, he’s releasing all of his music for free!
“You can’t expect people to spend $10 – $15.00 on a CD from an artist they’ve never heard of when they could go to work and be fired tomorrow. And if you’re really making music for the people you wouldn’t want them to! I’ll make my money off of production, off of doing shows and product promotion before I deny the masses exscapism through my music.” states EOJ. “When I do decide to sale my music, I’m thinking $1.00 – $2.00 max. This allows more people access to a different take of the world musically, while still being able to buy say, food. We’re all trying to eat!”
In addition to over 1000 tracks for sale, 4 finished albums, and a comedic approach to the world of polotics, this aspiring actor has successfully completed a movie script, and is attempting to break through to the big screen. “I feel in life you have to evolve or be left behind. Regardless of mainstream success, I know music. I may not be the “best there ever was” when it comes to production or rhyme, but I could get on a song today with Kanye to Jay, with 2 Chains to Busta, and hold my own. For me to challenge myself I have to keep working at the “next” thing. Today is already the past, tomorrow is the only goal. I’m starting a video modeling company, and with the help of some very talented people over at MGM (Mob General Music) I hope to bring a new perspective through film to the world.”
After hearing songs 5 years old that sound like they were made yesterday, I would have to agree that hearing EOJ with greats like Andre 3000, Eminem, or Nas would be an easier sell than say, Rick Ross being a gangsta! Through his words and flow you experience the effortless genius displayed my multiplatinum artists while addressing topics and feelings those of us without “millions in the bank” can relate to while encouraging all to “do more”.

Look out for more music, videos and the latest updates from EOJ here on Martacard.com.
To reach EOJ directly, contact LifeisEntertainment at 404-399-8191 or email him at eoji75@yahoo.com, or hit him on facebook @EOJ da Boothman and twitter @Eoji75 .

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  1. I like that! Bout time somebody put some real music out instead of all this “swag” surfin.

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