Boxer Paul Williams Paralyzed In Motorcycle Accident


Saturday morning, I was just arguing with a guy in the barbershop about the Paul Williams/ Saul (Canelo) Alvarez bout and the very next day such a tragic accident happened. I’ve seen Paul Williams fight so many times, I almost feel like I know the man personally. According to, On Sunday May 27th 2012, Williams was traveling 75 miles per hour when the car hit him. Paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, his upcoming fight and his boxing career is not important anymore. His recovery and mental state is what us fans should now be concerned about. He is now going through a tough battle outside the ring and Paul Williams, I salute you as a survivor. Stay strong and much blessings from E-SUN and The Martacard family.

Unfortunately on the same day, boxing great Johnny Tapia was found dead… R.I.P. Johnny Tapia