Who Is JoJo Ryder – True Entrepreneur

Who is JoJo Ryder?

JoJo Ryder is a major player in entertainment. He is an executive producer of several reality shows including “For The Love Of Ray J”. Recently he closed a major deal with a TV network for an undisclosed amount. According to a reliable source, it was said to be a multimillion dollar deal. JoJo Ryder is also working on a production deal with one of the hottest record labels in hip-hop. I can’t reveal any details, but soon the entire hip-hop community will know about it. In addition to riding in his luxurious Ferrari, Ryder recently purchased a private jet worth $25 million. He has been seen with superstars such as Lil Kim, Max Lux, Ray J, Brandy, Sugar Shane Mosley, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather just to name a few. Jo Jo Ryder is set to be a true entrepreneur in Hollywood set for greatness.