French Presidential Candidate Uses “Ni**as In Paris” For Campaign Anthem [VIDEO]

It looks like “Ni**as in Paris” is pretty popular in the city of lights. French presidential candidate, Francois Hollande, picked the song as the soundtrack to his campaign video. The three-minute long piece features Hollande traveling around the street of France doing the typical political two-step, showing a range of citizens from various cultural backgrounds,  speaking to a  group of cheering supporters, and visiting low-income neighborhoods.  Being that he holds a 12-point lead against current president Nicolas Sarkozy, his choice to use Jay and Ye’s song is a pretty clear attempt at widening the campaign gap by getting in good with a multicultural group of voters.

Buttoned-up white guys aren’t the first images that come to mind when you think of the Hit-Boy-produced record, but Hollande isn’t the only person outside of the hip-hop game to show their love for tack. Last September, 30 Rock Star Alec Baldwin tweeted about the song, joking that he and Mr. West were working on a “N-**as In Montauk” version.

No word yet on how The Throne feels about the use of the song, but maybe they’ll invite Hollande to their Paris show in June for a live collaboration.


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