Drake, Lil Wayne and Birdman ‘Disrespects’ Judaism in HYFR video (see making of the video below)

What has YMCMB done to Aubrey Graham’s ego. Dude is crazy talented I admit. But where’s the integrity? Where’s the respect? I’m by far not ‘holier than thou’ but is 2012 all about GOING OVERBOARD TO STAY RELEVANT? First Nicki Minaj with her RAUNCHY, less than classy ‘STUPID H@%’ song and video. Now DRAKE with this? From what I know about being Judaism, we’ll depending on one’s view of G-d is that, it’s nothing to be played with. I do hope many Jews see this video and speak out against Drake, his YMCMB and Universal Music Group about this mess. The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson was forced to alter his lyrics to ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ (Dangerous, 1991) because of the “Jew Me/Sue Me” line, to which many Jews cried out ‘antisemitism’. Although Drake is Jewish (African American father, Caucasian Jewish Canadian mother), it’s still distasteful and like spitting in the face of the patriarchs of the Jewish culture. I usually don’t go on an attack about one’s freedom of expression (First Amendment). Yet if you’re Jewish or have some understanding about the religion, then get what I’m saying.