Jennifer Lopez (Feat. Pitbull) – Dance Again

Do we look at J. Lo’s music videos because she can sing? No. We look at her for the same reason we look at Janet Jackson. Because they’re both SEXY and can dance their butts off. This has got to be one of the most sexiest yet classiest videos that has been out in a while. Naw let me not say that because my girlfriend Shakira would be upset with me. What could be said is that J. Lo is pushing her own umbrella or perhaps letting these young girls know how to don’t stop get it get it. Notice the song’s title is ‘Dance Again’. Maybe there’s a hidden message there, as Goodie M.O.B. once declared, ‘people don’t dance no moe.’

Check out J. Lo’s new video for her ‘Dance Again’ single, ft. Pitbull.