Kanye West is back with a new joint ‘Theraflu’ (who is he dissing?)

Kanye wasn’t playing when it said that he doesn’t do interviews anymore. Yet he never said that he would stop addressing issues. We all know that Yeezy isn’t one to keep quite for long before he offer his take on what critics been saying about it. And it a new joint called ‘Theraflu’ his critics goes from former short-term husband to Kim Kardashian (Kris Humphries) to his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

Will this joint be on the new G.O.O.D. Music compilation album? Who knows. Maybe it is something Ye just wanted to give the fans to hype them up for the album’s release as he did with this G.O.O.D. Friday features in preparation for the release of this ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album.

Check out the Funk Master Flex premiere version of the new Kanye West ‘Theraflu’ joint. It features DJ Khaled and is produced by Hit-Boy.

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