“Gangsterize” | Indian Blue feat Kokane (video)

WHOAAAAAAAAAA! This lil dude is what’s poppin right now. I was watching one of Snoop Dogg’s GGN News episode and towards the end, there was this featured video called ‘Gangsterize’ by a new Southern California artist named Indian Blue ft. Kokane. Well if you’re familiar with West Coast gangsta rapper, then I’m sure you’re familiar with Kokane aka Mr. Jerry Long (Pomona, California), a DPGC/Doggystyle Record affiliate and once signed to the late Eazy E’s Ruthless Records label, co-writing songs for N.W.A. and Above The Law. Therefore, I don’t even need to mention that Kokane is a beast in his own rights. But now let me take you over to the new school of West Coast gangsta rapper and talk about Indian Blue. You know what? Forget it. See for yourself.

Check out “Gangsterize” | Indian Blue feat Kokane below.

Sorry but this video was removed by owner.