Dissed By Disrespect

DISSED by Disrespect

by Claron Chatmon

Many relationships begin with a fairytale harmony. You wake up starving to see the one you with. Every minute of time you spend with them is “irreplaceable” and “irresistible”. Your emotions have you telling your significant other constantly how much you feel for them. In the heat of the moment you forget about every imperfection you have no matter how negative and so does your significant other, but who cares right? Your indulged in the emotions of love.

The worst part to this fairytale emotional game is when the worst part of two people collide and disrespect erupts like a volcano. Disrespect in a relationship is a major no no. Once disrespect is initially introduced to your relationship realize that the door for disrespect is now cracked open. Depending on your first episode with disrespect from that person should be a red flag and a notice (depending on the severity) whether or not you should move forward in that relationship or find the next body passing by.

Laws of the Relations
1. Don’t introduce somebody your not
2. Be real with your conversation
3. IF you gotta change or cover up something about yourself dip out a.s.a.p
4. Avoid people with no values