Racism Is Learned To Be Taught

Racism Is Learned To Be Taught

by Claron Chatmon
In our day and age where you go and how you get there is mainly based on each persons appearance. The appearances we make in the business world depend on our clothing, pronunciation, and skills to lead or follow. The appearances we make with our friends depends on our location, humor, and interest, but our appearance in society seems to be only skin deep.

The separation between the masses starts with color but is developed by the history we are taught concerning one another. The main history taught between black and white is rooted in hatred because of the suffering of our African ancestors under the hands of their white masters.

I am not denying the painfully devastating truths behind slavery and racism but I am accepting the truth behind the origination of many generations of slaves; not kidnapped but sold by other African Americans, but who looks at the origination of a generational turmoil that began with one slave’s life sold for money and then spent for things with much less value then life itself.

I believe to bring peace we have to go back to the roots of good in each race. To African Americans our greatest days where when we had nothing and lived as if we had to prove ourselves in society. The days when we fought for our reputations as colored people together. The days we read about when great men and women stood together for a cause to end racism and violence, but now look at us. As a people we live as if the fight is over. We live today with the mentality instilled by the Jim Crow Laws. As a people we kill each other, rob each other and compete against one another, but we need to look up and see the devastation of our people around us. The most hurtful part is its no longer master whipping us, but its us whipping us.

Questions to ask yourself.
Are you racist?
If yes, is it rooted by your experiences, knowledge or outlooks?
Wouldn’t peace bring a mental relief of freedom for you in your life?
Do you help your brother in need or drown your brother in times of need?