Don’t Sleep On Diggy Simmons (J. Cole diss)

There’s a new joint floating around entitled “What You Say To Me” by Diggy Simmons, one of the sons of one of hip hop music’s pioneers, Reverend Run Simmons of one of hip hop most respected groups, Run D.M.C. Young Simmons is letting us know where he comes from and who his daddy is on this joint. No lie, the little guy got crazy skills and is certainly not coming with any Jermaine Dupri written type raps (Lil Bow Wow). But it doesn’t stop there.

Proving he’s no punk on the mic for sure, he seems to take shots at J. Cole (Roc Nation/Jay Z), supposedly over some things the North Carolina rapper had said about one of Diggy’s older sisters (Vanessa Simmons) as both Vanessa and Cole attended St. Johns University in New York together. It is said that previous, Cole went around telling people that he ‘SMASHED’ Vanessa and that obviously woke up the beast in her little brother Diggy. Will J. Cole respond? Or will he take the subliminal or much silent approach? Who knows. It would be interesting either way.

Check out ‘What You Say To Me’ by Diggy Simmons below.