Sleepy Brown – We Run The Night

1/3 of Atlanta’s Organized Noise, Outkast affiliate and one of the Dungeon Family 1st Generation members, popular for lending his vocals to various hit singles, such as Outkast ‘So Fresh & So Clean’ (Stankonia), Big Gipp ‘Steppin Out’ (Mutant Mindframe), and his own ‘I Can’t Wait’ (Barbershop II) single, Sleepy Brown is back with a new single entitled ‘We Run The Night’. It has that feel good soulful laid back groovy feel to it though having resemblance to a few of his past hits. However, it’s refreshing to hear Mr. Brown again. One for the home team. A-Town.

A Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin NYC

As no arrest has been made regarding the shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Harris, hundreds upon thousands joined together for what was called ‘A Million Hoodie March’ for a “nonviolent” protest and act of service out of love for Harris, whom was gunned down by self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who has yet to be charged for the death of this young man. Many supporters and protesters alike wore hoodies and carried a bag of Skittles candy to which the police discovered Travyon having on him after he was shot and killed.

Future – Astronaut Status Mixtape

I was told by my 16 year old cousin Marquis that I am sleepin on this mixtape. He says that Future has the game on lock right now. I said “You don’t know nothing bout hip-hop, U just 16 bruh”. Then I thought about it, maybe I am sleepin on it. Maybe I need to find the mixtape and check it out myself. Thanks to, I downloaded “Astronaut Status” and also embedded it here for you guys to check it out also. Tell me what you think???

Don’t Miss Your Blessing

I recently heard a story about a guy that purchased an antique safe at a storage auction similar to the ones at Winchester safes. The guy couldn’t figure out how to get it open since he didn’t know the combination, so he sold it to someone else on the internet for a little less than $100. The new owner then took the safe to a machine shop and paid someone to open it for him. Surprisingly, the safe was stuffed with over $20,000. The morrow of the story is, don’t miss out on your blessing. Have a happy Sunday.

Bobby Brown’s Sister Blames Ray J For Whitney’s Death

This is an interesting interview. Leolah Brown, Bobby’s sister is blaming Ray J for Whitney Houston’s death. She is accusing him of being Whitney’s runner for cocaine. She says that Ray J was hiding from the camera while quickly leaving away from the hotel after Whitney’s death.

Working On My Old School Classic

I was looking at a few steel buildings, thinking about putting one in my backyard. It will be a great place to store my old school project car. It would be a private work shop for me to get away from everyone and gradually piece together my soon to be classic. Hopefully I can be done with the project by next year. I’m not going to rush things though, I understand that it will take a long time to finish.

Wiz Khalifa – California

Wiz Khalifa coolin on the beach in Cali, smoking trees, drinking brew, hangin with his ni..gas. Sounds cool, but where the ladies at. Who makes a video on the beach and not showcase the beautiful women in attendance. Those dudes look kinda suspect having so much fun surfing together and playing catch. In the south, you would have to automatically give the girls some shine because they are always on the beach. No disrespect to Wiz, but I’m confused a little with this video. On a brighter note, the song is hot. Reminds me of back in the days when we used to burn it down and ride around town. Check out the video folks.