Gay Atlanta Man Jumped By Down low Guys

The infamous beating the gay man took in Atlanta a couple of weeks age makes a big turn. Instead of it being a hate crime against a gay person, it turns out to be retaliation over threats to release a video. According to news media, at least one of the accusers knew the victim and was also a undercover homosexual. Check out the video below…….

DMX – I Don’t Dance ft. Machine Gun Kelly

DMX is bacccccckkkkkk!!!! This joint is heatin up the meter!! DMX is a real artist, he is so energetic. His lyrics on this song is not the greatest ever, but his delivery is definitely on a elite status. I remember rockin to DMX jams back in the day. Usually when a mega artist try to make a comeback, the product doesn’t live up to the hype. DMX seems to still have the hunger needed to pull it off. Oh yeah, Machine Gun Kelly verse was cool too. Hopefully this song will catapult the careers of both artist. Check out “I Don’t Dance” only on The Martacard Report

Gorillaz- DoYaThing (Feat. Andre 3000 and James Murphy) [Radio Edit]

Talking weird collaborations, this is weird to the 3000th degree. However, it’s that DOPE kind of weird, like that fashion you’re wondering how someone put what they’re wearing together to make it so cool instead of you being like WHAT THA FU^*?. How come it’s so weird you might ask? Well, it’s the Gorillaz of course. And then there is James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Andre 3000 (Outkast) on there, who SMASHED the joint. Oh, I’m not being bias because I’m from the ATL, yet this is kind of one of those things that makes me proud to rep. for the home time.

I’m not the only one representing. A writer from The Huffington Post says that “it’s one of the best collaborations we’ve heard in a while. “DoYaThing” is an ideal genetic hybrid; a composition that merges three genre pools, but still highlights the traits distinctive to each musician.”

Check out Gorillaz ‘DoYaThing’ below, featuring Andre 3000 (Outkast) and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.

Too Short – I’m A Stop ft 50 Cent, Twista, Devin

Too Short – I’m A Stop ft 50 Cent, Twista, Devin

If you are a Too Short fan, you gotta check this one out. One of the best releases from Short
in years! The beat is bangin, Devin The Dude is killing the hook, 50 Cent and Twista snapped. This one actually reminds me of a song off one of Devin’s classic albums. So far I have heard three new joints from Too Short, and this one is the best by far. I know the rap game has changed a lot in the recent years and this song might not get a lot of radio play. However, if we support the artist we like, they will continue to hit us with new music… Check “I’m A Stop” asap!!!!!!

DMX going-in on Drake and Rick Ross

DMX is hilarious. One thing no one can say about this guy is that he holds his tongue, because BOY, dude will go in on the world if he has to. His latest target; Drake and Rick Ross.

First up, X on Ricky Rozay:

“Rick Ross ‘looks’ more like Biggie,” X said, speaking to “Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne Tha God. “[He’s got lyrics?] Well I guess, I guess, I guess. I’m just not impressed, man. I’m not impressed. … He’s aight, man, he just talks about eating, girlfriends too much. How much can a n*gga eat? How much weed can you smoke? Like, aight. Let’s talk about something else. I know you got the Maybach, the Ashton Martin, OK. Good for you, d*mn. Come on. I see a whole ‘nother side of the coin, son.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Next up, X on Drizzy Drake:

“No, no,” X said when asked if he likes Drake. “I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his f*cking voice. I don’t like what he talks about, I don’t like his face, I don’t like the way he walks, I don’t like nothing. I don’t like his haircut. I might just — let me shut up. Stop right there.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Either X is being a super duper hater or he’s just brutal in his honesty. Yet to say the least, it’s by all means hilarious.

Check out the interview DMX ‘Breakfast Club’ interview below.

Snoop Dogg “Sitting By The Water”

All I have to say is WOW. With all of my hard work and dedication to all of my involvements, I must say that a vacation to Brazil is much deserved. The bigg homie Snoop D-O dub knows how to motivate a homeboy. Oh and my homeboy E-Sun would be happy the picture for this post is so big. Chucch!

Check out Snoop Dogg “Sitting By The Water” video.

Whitney Houston vs Marvin Gaye – Star Spangled Banner

Since the death of Whitney Houston, many have relived the moment she song the national anthem at the 1991 Superbowl. Many believe that her performance of the Star Spangled Banner was the greatest ever. Some disagreed about that statement, saying that the late Marvin Gaye’s performance at the 1983 NBA Allstar Game was the greatest ever. Check out both performances and feel free to give us your opinion.