Willow Smith and Tyler The Creator an ‘Odd’ Couple

In the latest news of celebrity hook ups, it seems that Willow Smith and Tyler The Creator are officially and item. Just kidding. But little Ms. Smith is certainly a fan of the Odd Future movement.

How many 11 year olds are down with Odd Future? Willow Smith met up with crew leader Tyler, the Creator at the Odd Future store in Los Angeles. Wearing a Goblin sweatshirt and beanie, the “Fireball” singer professed her love for the “Yonkers” rapper, writing, “Life is complete… Love of my life.” But it’s more than just a crush. Willow has been outspoken about her affection for all things OFWGKTA. Is a collaboration next? (Rap-Up)

Will there be any “Odd” collaborations between the two in the near future? More than likely, it just might be.