Kanye West & Jay-Z “N*ggas In Paris” [Official Music Video]

I know I’m about a week late posting this, but with the shocking death of another music icon, Whitney Houston, my desire for posting anything was blur. However, life goes on and we must continue.

Having said that, don’t know if any of you’ve seen the new “N*ggas In Paris” video by Jay Z & Kanye West, lifted from their platinum plus Watch The Throne album. But if you have yet to see it, due check it out and give us, The MartaCard Team your take on the video.

One thought on “Kanye West & Jay-Z “N*ggas In Paris” [Official Music Video]

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that Kanye has on a kilt in this video. I know thats a Scottish thang, but in the USA, thats extremely GAY.

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