Tha Bigg Boss Down went in on Kim K. He spoke on her like a real O.G.

“Advice for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian,” Snoop asked in the video. “The first advice is, you dumb a** n*gga, you shouldn’t have tried to wife the b*tch, man. She’s not that type of a h*e. She gets around, man. … Ray J’s the only n*gga that only bounced back from the b*tch, man. She’s cold-blooded. I’m pretty sure she’ll have a book in a month talking about all the n*ggas she got and how she played them. So my advice is, you can’t make a h*e a housewife, man. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Let her do what she was born to do. H*e. Yeah. H*e. Punk b*tch.” (GGN)

Check out an excerpt of Snoop Dogg playing his Nemo Hoes character and speaking on Kim Kardashian.