A Look Back – Hip-Hop

Back in the days when I was deep into the hip-hop movement with my SWATTEAM emcees, we did everything possible to jump off our music careers. From sun up to sun down, we walked, talked, dressed, and lived hip-hop! I remember spending days and nights in the studio writing songs, practicing verses while Ralph C and Hannibal Black cooked up some of the dopest tracks for us to drop vocals on. Everything was a challenge to us when it came to our music.

Before recording music went digital, we used four track reel to reel and cassette recorders. We were perfectionist when it came to recording our music. We wanted it done right, no errors at all. I remember sometimes I would record fourteen to fifteen perfect bars and mess up on the final line. Instead of punching in to correct the simple mistake, I would be so determined to get it right I’d demand to re-record the entire verse. We felt like our crew was the best and we had no margin for error.

A few years later, a technology breakthrough changed the rap game. Instead of only having access to a few studios in the city with thousands of dollars of analog music equipment, digital software was introduced and it was so affordable many of us were able to record music at home. New software made it so easy to produce tracks that people with no musical experience were trying to make beats. Recording vocals became 10 times easier, and we even expanded to internet video production.

Today hip-hop is still moving forward. From web video production on Youtube to business video production across the internet, the influence of music is stronger than ever.