Man ate Cocaine Hidden in his brother’s butt and dies

This is so sickening and altogether sad. Would you ever tell your brother, relative or a close friend to eat crack from your butt?

A South Carolina man with a lengthy criminal record asked his younger brother to make the ultimate sacrifice for him. An hour later his brother was dead.

Deangelo Rashard Mitchell, 23, of North Charleston, SC, was handcuffed with his brother, Wayne Joshua Mitchell, 20, in the back seat of a patrol car on Nov. 30. The two men had been pulled over in their truck for driving with one headlight out. Officers placed the brothers in the back seat while they searched the truck.

Facing life in prison if convicted on the drug charge, Deangelo, who had hidden an ounce of crack cocaine in his buttocks, asked Wayne to swallow the drugs. And the brother did just that, only to end of dead following the incident.