Is Drake telling Common “Just because I sing, I ain’t no b****?”

Seems like things are heating up over Common’s controversial ‘Sweet’ joint, to which he seems to be taking shots at several emCEEs, particularly Drake. Yet over several interviews, such as Sway In The Morning and 106 & Park, the Chicago bred hip hop rapper says he’s not going in at the Toronto Canada Young Money artist. Yet in one interview, he did say that the lyrics in Sweet implies to whichever rapper feels he is talking about them. DANG!

At a concert in Los Angeles, before exiting off stage, Drizzy spreaded love to the crowd before saying “just because he sings, he ain’t no b****.” Was that a shot to Common, or was that a shot at Ludacris, whom seem to had taken shots at both Drake and Big Sean on his Bada Boom joint? If it’s about Common indeed, just know that though Common does conscious hip hop, he ain’t no b**** either. Remember, he went in on Ice Cube (N.W.A., Westside Connection) on The B**** In You. In all seriousness, not many rappers don’t want to go in on Common, especially if they don’t want their egos to be crushed. Cube is a beast, but he felt it. But lets hope that’s not any battles to occur between the Young Money and Good M.U.S.I.C. affiliated artists. Especially for Common being on his grown man. Yet sometimes, uncle gotta teach their nephews the lesson of why not to put their hand on the stove.

Common – The B**** in You (Ice Cube diss)