Coming Soon – Jonea – Last Tyme

Words from R&B artist Jonea “Music lives in me, everyday life are my words. What motivates me: touching others, making a difference, not just setting a tone but going the extra mile. I write for my ladies. We seem to always be confused and go through so much in so many different ways. Not just that, we put ourselves through it too. Artist like Aaliyah , Mya, India Arie, Erykah Badu, Beyonce, Destiny Child and TLC had such a impact in my life. They song on things to touch the girls the ladies the women!!! They helped heal and had conversations with us through their music….. I’m here to finish what they started. But with a way different swagg. The princess is making her way ta da throne, make way because here I come.” Check out the snippit of her new single “Life Tyme” coming soon!