Happy 1st Birthday Martacard.com

Happy Birthday Martacard.com

Today is the first birthday of Martacard.com First of all, I would like to thank GOD for giving us the intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom needed to accomplish this milestone. Second, I would like to thank Trendsetter and Bigg Run P for dedicating hours of their precious time providing great content for the site. Next, thanks to Dwayne Hamlett (John Brown) for the nice artwork. I really appreciate it homie. Ralph C for the nices videos, Ed Ex for the extra support, and all my SWATTEAM homies for helping to promote the movement. Last but not least, I would like to thank all my family and friends that support the site. Without you, Martacard.com wouldn’t be nothing. There are sooo many folks that helped us, I just want to say thanks again for the support….