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Cheap Silver Dollar

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Gemstone Beads for your needs

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2012 – Get Life Insurance

I know a lot of us are caught up in a financial struggle nowadays. We are barely making enough money to take care of our necessities. Even though our finances are tight at this time, we still need to put some money aside for term life insurance. It would lift a burden from a love one just to know that there is help with expenses when a family member has passed away.

Wanna Make Some Beats

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Tha Dogg Pound: I’m A Boss freestyle

This is the hardest remix I’ve heard of this song. Makes me like it even better.

Check out I’m A Boss remix by Tha Dogg Pound (Daz & Kurupt) below.

AraabMuzik (Sick) Dubstep Live! 2011

OMG, this dude is beyond SICK. Crazy on the mixer. If you don’t know about DubStep, it’s the new musical genre rising in North America but popular in England, as it was originated in south London, United Kingdom. Even rappers like West Coast Snoop Dogg affiliated EMCEE, Goldie Loc (Tha Eastsidaz, Tha Dogg Pound), Will.I.Am, LMFAO to name a few are all blending their urban sounds to DubStep.

Check out AraabMuzik killing it with his DubStep sounds.

Are Humphries and Bryant Ready To Move Forward

Chris Humphries and Kobe Bryant are two NBA basketball players that will not be shopping for scott kay rings anytime soon. In addition to being two of the top five hated players in the NBA, (according to ESPN), they are also going through marriage divorces. Kobe’s wife recently filed for divorce ending their 12 year marriage, while Humphries short term marriage with Kim Kardashian just didn’t work. Hopefully their personal lives won’t affect them on the basketball court.

My Little Sister

My Little Sister

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

My little sister moved to Atlanta last year and I was so worried about her. She is really smart, but can be naïve at times. She thinks that she is very worldly and sophisticated, but the rest of the family doesn’t share her feelings. She trusts people too quickly and has a tendency to give away too much information about herself. We all wanted her to go and take advantage of all of the opportunities Atlanta has to offer, but we wanted to make sure that we did what we could to put our worries at ease. We went to www.atlantahomesecurity.com to make sure her home was equipped with an alarm before she moved in. We know we can’t control her or be with her all the time, so we felt like this was the least that we could do. She seems very happy and like she loves her new life in Atlanta so I guess we did our job. Last time she was home to visit it even seemed like she learned not to trust strangers and was growing up and maturing. Seeing her all grown up definitely put my mind at ease.

This Man From Japan Is The World Champion Of Masturbation! (10 Hours Nonstop)

OMG. Japan getting down like that? Perhaps this will become an Asian epidemic soon or later. But OMG. Would you say this is disgusting? Or would you say it’s sickening? What makes it sickening? He doing it one time, or the hobby of masturbation?

Check out the World Champion Of Masturbation below.

Slim Dunkin – BlindSide

For those that didn’t know about Slim Dunkin, he was an up and coming rap artist from the Brick Squad.  He was affiliated with Gucci Man and Waka Flocka Flame.  His time to shine was coming very soon.  “Blindside” was one of the latest videos released by him.  This song was hard, check it out…

Slim Dunkin Buried Today

Rapper Slim Dunkin, who’s real name was Mario Hamilton funeral was today at Berean Christian Church in Atlanta. The rapper was shot to death last week after a confrontation with someone at a recording studio on Memorial Dr. Vinson Hardimon, a rapper known as Young Vito was named the suspect for the murder and is urged to turn himself by law enforcement. Check out Slim Dunkin’s last interview before his departure.

Floyd Mayweather Going To Jail

Once again another one of our great athletes are caught up in the judicial system. According to the news media, Floyd Mayweather pled guilty to domestic violence and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. The plea deal avoids felony trial from a 2010 fight with his was ex-girl friend. He was also ordered to do 1000 hours of community service. I guess the long awaited showdown with Manny Pacquiao will once again be pushed back, this time for reasons unrelated to boxing.

Snoop Dogg’s ‘Road to Riches’ DOGGISODE #13

You know it’s love when these two vets get together. And that is Dr. Dre and Bigg Snoop.

Check out Snoop Dogg’s ‘Road to Riches’ Doggisode # 13 video as it has behind the scenes footage of Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre in Singapore for the Asian Music Awards.

Semy Patron – The Lady’s Man

Shout out to my homie Semy Patron. I see he is making moves and preparing to drop his new album. I hope all is well, stay on your grind homie and keep up the good work. Check out “The Ladys Man” video by Semy Patron….

Man ate Cocaine Hidden in his brother’s butt and dies

This is so sickening and altogether sad. Would you ever tell your brother, relative or a close friend to eat crack from your butt?

A South Carolina man with a lengthy criminal record asked his younger brother to make the ultimate sacrifice for him. An hour later his brother was dead.

Deangelo Rashard Mitchell, 23, of North Charleston, SC, was handcuffed with his brother, Wayne Joshua Mitchell, 20, in the back seat of a patrol car on Nov. 30. The two men had been pulled over in their truck for driving with one headlight out. Officers placed the brothers in the back seat while they searched the truck.

Facing life in prison if convicted on the drug charge, Deangelo, who had hidden an ounce of crack cocaine in his buttocks, asked Wayne to swallow the drugs. And the brother did just that, only to end of dead following the incident.

Coming Soon – Jonea – Last Tyme

Words from R&B artist Jonea “Music lives in me, everyday life are my words. What motivates me: touching others, making a difference, not just setting a tone but going the extra mile. I write for my ladies. We seem to always be confused and go through so much in so many different ways. Not just that, we put ourselves through it too. Artist like Aaliyah , Mya, India Arie, Erykah Badu, Beyonce, Destiny Child and TLC had such a impact in my life. They song on things to touch the girls the ladies the women!!! They helped heal and had conversations with us through their music….. I’m here to finish what they started. But with a way different swagg. The princess is making her way ta da throne, make way because here I come.” Check out the snippit of her new single “Life Tyme” coming soon!

Is Drake telling Common “Just because I sing, I ain’t no b****?”

Seems like things are heating up over Common’s controversial ‘Sweet’ joint, to which he seems to be taking shots at several emCEEs, particularly Drake. Yet over several interviews, such as Sway In The Morning and 106 & Park, the Chicago bred hip hop rapper says he’s not going in at the Toronto Canada Young Money artist. Yet in one interview, he did say that the lyrics in Sweet implies to whichever rapper feels he is talking about them. DANG!

At a concert in Los Angeles, before exiting off stage, Drizzy spreaded love to the crowd before saying “just because he sings, he ain’t no b****.” Was that a shot to Common, or was that a shot at Ludacris, whom seem to had taken shots at both Drake and Big Sean on his Bada Boom joint? If it’s about Common indeed, just know that though Common does conscious hip hop, he ain’t no b**** either. Remember, he went in on Ice Cube (N.W.A., Westside Connection) on The B**** In You. In all seriousness, not many rappers don’t want to go in on Common, especially if they don’t want their egos to be crushed. Cube is a beast, but he felt it. But lets hope that’s not any battles to occur between the Young Money and Good M.U.S.I.C. affiliated artists. Especially for Common being on his grown man. Yet sometimes, uncle gotta teach their nephews the lesson of why not to put their hand on the stove.

Common – The B**** in You (Ice Cube diss)

So He Found A Job

I can’t believe my nephew Scott has finally found a job! For a person that wouldn’t work in a pie factory, how long will he last in the construction field. For Christmas, I bought him some heavy duty tillman gloves. I know the gloves will last longer than his job, but hopefully he will keep this one for a long time. He should understand that he’s fortunate to find a job during these tough times.

Michael Jackson – We’ve Had Enough unreleased song

There seems to be no known greater songwriter and entertainer other than the King of Pop himself, the late Michael Jackson. Scheming through some unreleased songs and footage of the pop icon, I ran across ‘We’ve Had Enough’ which serves as a song expressing frustrations with relationships, injustice, selfishness of the world and other troubling issues. It definitely has a message and touches the soul.

Check out Michael Jackson ‘We’ve Had Enough’.

Conrad Murray – Medical Malpractice

I wonder if Dr Conrad Murray’s professional liability will cover him for the Michael Jackson civil suit. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison. Was Murray responsible for Michael Jackson’s overdose of the powerful sedative Propofol? If not, he wouldn’t be incarcerated right now. I truly believe that Dr. Conrad Murray just happened to be the right doctor for Mike at the wrong time.

Discounts, Discounts!!

Are you still shopping for Christmas gifts? If so, you may be interested in best discount codes for Personal Creations. You can save plenty of money while getting some of the last minute gifts out of the way. If you are always looking for a great deal, a 25% off discount coupon will definitely come in handy. I ordered some customized Martacard.com coffee mugs and a few tee shirts. I can’t wait to receive my order.

Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law

I know it’s time for change in the United States, but is change really what we want? Our homeland has alot of issues that need to be resolved. A struggling economy, drug abuse and violence are just a few of the problems we have in our country. Do you think martial law is the answer? Check out this video…..

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