Police Kills Deaf Cyclist With A Stun Gun!

There was no act of violence nor assault on a police officer to make him taser a man. Now he is dead. 61-year-old Roger Anthony was riding his bike not bothering anywhere yet one, if not a few falls made for an on-looker to call the Halifax County police (Virginia), suspecting the bike driver was drunk. When a ‘rookie cop’ came yelling for the man to stop, which he didn’t yield to the officer’s call, being that he (Anthony) is deaf, the cop called Anthony with a stun gun, to which he fell off his bike, hitting his head on the concrete only to die later.

Word is that the cop has only been on the force for 1 month. Did he learn anything in training? First of call, why did the on-looker feel that they had to call the police? No one was in danger. And a fall is a fall.

I wonder if the on-looker feels guilty now. I hope the cop goes to jail.