Standards we set for one another

There’s a standard that society has set for us to live up to. And these days, you’re a lame if you go against it. Seems as if the immoral has become the norm in the world of our youth. Yet are we to blame them? And if we are not to blame them, do we teach them differently? If so, then how?

How to say something is more important that what to say. Or what one is saying isn’t sometimes the problem. Yet the problem seems to be whom is saying it. Teens would rather hear correction from a friend’s parents than their own as friends would rather hear what they preacher’s opinion about a situation than to hear it from their friend, though they might say the same thing as the preacher.

Therefore, what must we do? I’ve known parents whom said that they can’t say anything to their children about the wrong they’re doing when they used to do the same thing when they were their children’s age. “So you mean to tell me that you’ll allow your child to walk out in the streets in front of moving traffic with a high risk of getting hit by a vehicle than to fear they’ll get upset with you for trying to keep them from potential dangers ahead? ”

A Jewish proverbs says “train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” It doesn’t say the child won’t get angry or perhaps cuss you out. (Slap them in the mouth if they do, as that’s a part of the training. LOL) Yet whatever you train your child to be, they will be. Train a woman to be promiscuous then she shall be. Train a boy to become a responsible man then watch the fruit of your labor.