Nigerian Music

Since is worldwide, sometimes we venture outside of hip hop and spotlight other music. Today we are spotlighting Nigeria. Nigerian Songs like Eti Keta “Third Party” sounds like American R&B music. The production sounds like the type of tracks that you would here Beyonce or Alicia Keys singing on. If only I could understand the foreign lyrics, but the melodies are nice. ElDee “Higher” kinda sounds like Akon missed with a touch of Black Eyed Peas. This song has a club up tempo feel to it.

Nigeria Movies are also available for us to check out.

I watched a trailer for the movie “Bursting Out” and now I’m ready to order the movie for tonight. The actors actually speak a broken English that wouldn’t require close caption. This is a drama movie about a man possibly cheating on his obsessed girl friend. It appears that things got violent when everything came out in the open. I hope you visit and take a look at the content on their site. They have a long list of Nigerian music and movies to choose from.