Pacman Arcade Machine

Before the Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and all the new game makers today, we had arcade games.  It was common for the neighborhood convenience stores  to have a few arcade games inside for people to play.

The physical appearance of the games were totally different back in the day. In the 80’s, an arcade game was about the size of a drink machine. They usually included a built in joy stick and one or two buttons. The average game used to cost 25¢ per credit and each credit would give you three turns.

My favorite game was the Pacman arcade machine. Now a classic, I remember spending hours at the store playing that game. If you played the game well enough to set a new high score, all the neighborhood gamers recognized you as the best. I had a pattern that worked on every board as long as you didn’t make any mistakes. I completed so many boards on Pacman, the power pellets didn’t work anymore. From that point, you just kept playing to see if you can top the high score. Those were the good ole days!!