Will Jay Z diss Miami rapper Khia for talking about him and his Queen B?

WOW. This chick is on one. However, that’s nothing new. Who is her latest target? None other than the Queen of Music (Beyonce) and her husband aka the proclaimed King of Hip Hop (Jay Z/Roc Nation).

After claiming Beyonce believes a new “Party” remix record will outperform her own early 2000’s “My Neck, My Back” anthem, Khia went on a tirade against the singer and husband/rapper Jay-Z.

“@beyonce has been smoking rocks if she thinks her J. Cole remix flop “Party” will be as big as My Neck My Back.,” she tweeted October 25th.

Check out this low blow comment:

“Goodmorning xox, death threats from @jayz What is he going to do stab me, because I like solange better then @beyonce!” Relating to an incident back in 1999 when the Jigga Man stabbed Lance Rivera for bootlegging his music.

“Don’t hate because I like Matthew better the Tina. I don’t rock bedazzled jeans shirts & jackets @beyonce”

“@beyonce I know you watched my VLOG and ran with my advice youtube.com/watch?v=onkUmf…”

“Now how you going to hate on b*tch who got swagger jacked? Just know this I have SOMETHING real cute for Matthews daughter! #GETMONEYB*TCH (Khia’s Twitter)

See Khia’s My Neck, My Back video below and listen to Beyonce’s Party remix featuring Roc Nation artist, Jay Z and be the judge regarding which is hotter.