Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call: Confession (Pastor I slept with your wife)

Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call: Confession

This was a good one. And though this was a joke, if you claim to be walking upright in the Lord, this could definitely prove your “uprighteousness” or the lack of. nephew tommy imageMany call this pastor a hypocrite because he was willing to offer forgiveness to the man, yet when he found out that the adultery involved his wife, forgiveness wasn’t even in the equation. Do you had with the pastor concerning his unwillingness to forgive the men? Or do you say he’s a hypocrite?

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13 thoughts on “Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call: Confession (Pastor I slept with your wife)

  1. I think the pastor was wrong going off the way he did. After he found out it was his wife, A real pastor wouldn’t use them words. Yes I would call him a HYPOCRITE

  2. I think you are a Jerk for even putting the Pastor in that position for the sake of a laugh. You need a leson or too and Im sure it’s coming……..Yes you are forgiven – why would you do such a horrible thing

  3. This was just too funny!!! The pastor in NO CASE should have ever acted that way regardless of being pranked. It should be an eye-opener to everybody to be mindful of what you say. Once again it was Too Funny!!!

  4. yes it was too funny, if he was really a man of god he wouldn;t let words like that come from his mouth. so don;t blame tommy for the prank, the pastor wife put him on the you see alot of false prophets.

    • We all consider ourselves to be God’s children then we’re all men and women of God; regardless if we’re a church leader or not. Secondly, no one is perfect and though this was a joke, we never know what a situation could bring us to saying or doing. We just hope that some things don’t happen.

  5. What people don’t understand he is still a MAN and not GOD! Stop putting all your FAITH in MAN

  6. This was the best. It tell how ppl truely are… It was someone is wife it was not all that bad; however, when he found out it was his wife then a whole can of worms opened up… LOL! This was too funny!!!!!!

  7. This was hilarious! Yes, the Pastor was definately wrong for speaking those words like he did but, after all he is Human! Unless you are put in that position we cannot say what one would or would not do! Believe me the emabarrassment he sustained was a Real reality check for him. Makes you realize that even a man of God can respond as the world does when it hits his front door!

  8. No he is just a man not God. I believe every man has a breaking point that’s why Jesus came. We are all sinners saved by grace. I don’t think Tommy should put a pastor in that type of situations.

  9. Then perhaps the pastor shouldn’t of listened to the radio show and he wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassment .

  10. hard to say on this one if anyone to blame. if anyone can be blamed, its ourselves for completely putting our trust in man instead of GOD. Though, he may and is considered a man of the cloth. Does this make him any less human or viable to temptations of the flesh? No. I wouldn’t consider him a hypocrite, just what JESUS and GOD proved to us, that we constantly need a powerful saving force of Grace in our lives. If that’s the case, we need to start naming off those people from the Bible who would be considered failures by today’s standards if this is the case. Such as; King David(a man after GOD’s own heart) and his son, Solomon; Moses and his brother and sister; Aaron & Miriam. Jonah, Peter and Paul; Jacob(Israel); the 11 sons of Jacob. and we can even bring it up to date such as the Popes, Credflo Dollar, Tammy Baker and her husbad; Joel Olsteen , Elijah Muhammad and whoever else we know personally. The question is, do and would we forgive the person(s) we are required and commanded to forgive. A pastor is no different than us of the flock in the church, with exception that he or she has taken the oath before GOD and man as well as living that holy lifestyle(supposedly and hopefully) for a while. He’s no different than us and we no different than him, for what he does we are suppose to do, but to a different degree of level, until its GOD that increases or decreases our ministry for His purpose and not ours.
    should have he spoken like that..No! because Paul talks about in the book of Timothy how a church leader should be, but also being human, we all are prone to mistakes and temptation.
    the most important thing is to ask for forgiveness and repent and turn away from the sin.
    maybe the prank was tasteless, being that is was also his wife who pulled it, but it also let her, her husband as others know, that no one is above reproach when it comes to the wily ways of the devil…
    study to show thyself approve( 2 Timothy 2:15) and pray continuously w/o ceasing(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

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