B.E.T. continues to be a power outlet to which their media channel, gives awareness towards what’s taken place within our communities. Whether through television or internet, the network cover topics regarding, yet not limited to the latest in fashion, entertainment, and politics. Beyond entertaining its viewers through sitcoms, movies, and music videos, B.E.T. places leaders within the African American community in the forefront of occurrences around the world.

B.E.T. has included a new feature entitled ’40 Something Rappers 40 & Over’, which shed light on rappers who has been in the game for many years, yet are still prevalent within the entertainment world; having gone from rappers to moguls and entrepreneurs. This weeks features who Rolling Stone crowned The King of America, Mr. Shawn Corey Carter, who goes by the rap monifer, Jay-Z. The hip hop legend has become a brand, owning several venues as well as a sports team, topped Forbes 2011 Hip Hop Cash Kings List for the fourth time in 5 years, just released a classic album with his ‘little brother’ Kanye West, married to the Queen of Music (Beyonce), runs a successful record label (Roc Nation) and clothing label (Roca Wear). Shawn Corey Carter is a brand.