Nephew Tommy Prank Call-We Need You To Be a Slave

Nephew Tommy Prank Call Black History Month

You know, I’ve been sitting here all day wondering what the family could add to our site. And thank goodness for sites such as and World Star Hip that brings us some of the most catchiest exclusives to date. So every other day (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) around the 6o’clock pm hour, look for the post that’s entitled Nephew Tommy Prank Call. There will be a video posted under this title, as it premieres a prank phone call by the biological nephew of comedian and radio host, Steve Harvey (Steve Harvey Morning Show). So first up is the prank call entitled “We Need You To Be a Slave.” I promise you will be dying laughing. You just don’t tell a black person you want them to be a slave. hahahaha. WOW!

Check out Nephew Tommy Prank Call ‘We Need You To Be a Slave’ video below.

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  1. Hey Tommy your show is the best I would to prank my friend how do i go about reaching you we just love you

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