2Pac Sex Tape Gets $1 Million Offer

Can a brother get a million dollars. At least well I’m alive. I bet Pac is rolling over in his grave right now.

A million-dollar offer just rolled in for the Tupac sex tape — but not for the explicit video … it’s just for the SONG in the background. Sources tell TMZ, the CEO of NOHO (that anti-hangover drink) wants to acquire all rights to the unreleased Tupac track playing in the background of the tape — while the rapper gets it on — and he’s willing to pay $1,000,000 for the privilege. It’s unclear who actually owns the rights to the song — but sources tell us, the CEO has made the open offer to buy them outright … and he plans to use the secret track as the official theme song for the beverage company. It’s crazy for two reasons — 1) before this, the bidding war for the full sex tape had only reached $150,000 … and 2) No one, except TMZ and the tape owner, has heard the unreleased track. (TMZ)

If you were Pac’s mom, would you sue for exploitation?