Lil Wayne & Stevie Williams skate with 4 year old prodigy Jacob Christopher

Exclusive Video: 4 year old Jacob Christopher skates with hip hop superstar Lil Wayne and skate boarder Stevie Williams. Shout out to Ralph C and D. Jones for putting this video together.

Vick Lead Eagles To 34-7 Win Over The Cowboys

Michael Vick and the Eagles played a great game Sunday against the Cowboys. The defense played well and the offense made some huge plays. LeSean McCoy rushed for a career high 185 yards and scored 2 touchdowns. Vick was 21/28 279 yards with 2 touchdowns. The Cowboys offense struggled all game. They didn’t score until the 4th quarter. Tony Romo was 18/35, 203 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. For the full report go to

Saints Lose To The Rams 31-21

After embarrassing the Colts 62-7 last week, the New Orleans Saints must have figured the Rams would be a piece of cake too. But like they say, on any given Sunday, anything can happen. The win less Rams had a point to prove Sunday. I don’t know what their point was, but I’m glad they made an example out of the Saints. As a Falcon fan, I understand how important each game is in such a tight division. For recap of the game, go to NFL.Com

Dressing up our pups for Halloween too

Dressing up our pups for Halloween too

Guest post written by Emily Gardner

A few months ago we adopted two puppies from the same litter from an animal shelter. We were just going to get one but then we found out that the puppy was in danger of being put to sleep if he wasn’t adopted soon because there were so many animals there. So I think that we did the right thing and the two puppies have each other to grow up and play with. we knew that for Halloween we wanted to dress them up along with our kids. Who can resist taking custe puppy costume photos? I sure can’t.

I used our clear tv to watch the Animal Planet and some other stuff to get some inspiration for some really good Halloween costumes for them. I came up with all kinds of ideas, so it was actually a little hard to narrow it all down to just two ideas.

But the most important part of a pet costume is that it isn’t super uncomfrotable or restrictive, so I went with some minimalistic costumes of a doctor with a stethescope and a nurse. I thought that I had to choose costumes that had a matching theme. It was only right

Beyonce feat. J. Cole – Party (Offcial Video)

I know Beyonce’s “Party” has been a strong topic this week on Martacard, well the video premiered this week and it was ok.  I do believe Andre 3000 would have brought more character to the video however it was a better business move for J Cole and Roc Nation.