An Atlanta Landmark – Krystal On Campbelton Rd Is Closed

Can you believe that Krystal on Campbelton Rd, SW Atlanta, GA is now closed and out of business. In Atlanta, Krystal on Campbelton rd was not just a fast food restaurant, but also a landmark in the community. I remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when Krystal’s was the hangout spot after you leave clubs like The Nite Lite, 559, 731, Sharon’s Showcase, just to name a few. Or a spot to hit after you leave Jelly Beans (The Skating Rink), or a good place to chill after a rival Mays-Douglass football game. This restaurant holds a lot of A-Town memories, I would say it’s “The Black folks Varsity”. Unfortunately, it appears that the property is a foreclosure and the price for the building has dropped down to $50,000. Where my Atlanta people at???? Check in and give your opinion or share your memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!