Cowboy’s Knock Off The Redskins


In a poorly played game by both teams, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys managed to kick their way to victory last night winning 18-16. The Cowboys offense played like they were high on prescription drugs (or cocaine) on Monday night. The receivers didn’t know which plays to run on several occasions and the center was having communication issues with the quarterback. Romo, one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL, played like a seasoned vet. He was coaching, making plays, and doing whatever it took for his team to be victorious.
The Redskins could have won the game if they would have played hard four quarters. It seems to me that the offense just couldn’t get things together in the 4th quarter. They stranded the running game and decided to let Grossman air it out for some strange reason. Grossman just didn’t get the job done last night. The defense gave up too many big plays also. The Cowboys are now 2-1 and tied with the Redskins who are also 2-1