Boxer Victor Ortiz ft. Ray J ‘The Baddest Girl’

Rapping singers, singing rappers, acting rappers, rapping actors, now RAPPING BOXERS. Seems like rap is in just about every entertainment category now-a-days. Guess Nas can eat his words that ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’.

So did y’all hit that new Ray J joint called ‘The Baddest Girl’? I’m not even going to trash talk it because I don’t want Brandy’s brother to come running after me. Don’t know if I would get the gangsta Ray J or the Mr. Sensitively. Still trying to figure out which one ran up on Fabolous that night (Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight).

Let me stop tripping on Ray J. Yet in actuality, it’s not Ray J that I’m so much tripping on. But it’s Ortiz. But I’ll let you listeners be the judge.

Check it out.