The ‘N’ Word is positive says DJ Khaled

Yep, he said it. Do I even need to say more? Read it for yourself.

Speaking to DJ Green Lantern, Khaled described his credentials that should allow him to be able to use the controversial term.

“I’m a n*gga,” Khaled said. “If somebody ever took that in an arrogant — If someone thinks it in another way, they dumb. I grew up like that. It’s slang. It’s actually a positive word the way that I use it, the way that Ace [Hood] is using it. If you think like that, that goes back to the Internet. The hate.” (Invasion Radio)

Khaled continued to fuel his argument by reminscing upon when he was addressed as a “n*gga” when he was younger.

“For me to say ‘We the best, oooo weeee n*gga, we the best!’ You know what I’m talking about,” Khaled added. “N*ggas that’s thinking that is dumb f*cks. Once again, I’d like to shout out the fans who love this music. What makes me mad, when I grew up, n*ggas was calling me sand n*gga. That’s ignorant, because there’s only one way to say it. You can’t say, ‘Yo what up my sand n*gga?’ That’s not the way we grew up in the streets — When I say ‘What up my n*gga,’ I say that to Green all the time. ‘What up my nig?’ That’s just me greeting you with love. But if somebody takes it another way, they dumb.” (Invasion Radio)

Can we blame him? I’m sure many would consider it ‘positive affirmation’ as many women go around calling each other h@e$ and b@$%^@&.