‘Lets not completely play the race card’ R.I.P. Troy Davis

Yes surely many of us are wondering if things would be different if Troy Davis was WHITE! Nothing is wrong with such a thought, for as we ponder over history, blacks experience the injustice of the judical system more than any other race. No, racial controversy is not to be ignored; however, it’s the heart of a man that reveals himself. Not his skin color. Why still after some 22 years later, the family of the murdered policeman want Troy Davis to die? Pay back, revenge, anger, unforgiveness, the pride of life, which is the root of them all. Still, many as myself wonder: what if Davis was white? Would the family or the judicial courts still want this man to die?

Well, they’ve got what they wanted. Yet what about that peace that is sought of by the family of the slain officer Mark MacPhail? Will they ever obtain it? The truth of the matter is, no matter what kind of justice a person feels has been served, unforgiveness does not bring about peace. It will eat you alive like rats and worms.

Though we grieve at the lost in the MacPhail family, we must now we cry out for ‘mercy’ undue to their unforgiveness.