Rick Ross needs to dead the beef w/ Kreayshawn

Guess who’s baaccccccckkkkkkk??? That’s right. After a week of being ill, sick, whatever you want to call it, your boy is on it again. Trust me, you learn how to be grateful for your blessings in the midst of sickness. But anyway, lets keep it moving.

So Rick Ross and Kreayshawn are still going at it right? The last time I checked, the beef was squashed, or was it a joke? Kreayshawn is definitely playful. She’s 22. 22 today isn’t like the 22 of our era, that’s if you’re 30 and over.

Below, check out an excert taken from her interview on Tim Westwood TV to which Kreayshawn and her manager discuss their position concerning the beef with Rick Ross and his comment in a previous XXL Magazine article.

“I’m not concerned with any of that,” Stretch told Tim Westwood when suggested he should no longer carry Kreayshawn’s bags in fear of getting attacked by Rick Ross. Kreayshawn then went on to speak out on Ross’ XXL Magazine remarks. “I think the XXL thing came out before our VMA and all that tidy up stuff. So it’s just wrong timing and it’s just bleeding into more stuff. A magazine takes like two months or something [to produce]. This is a non-event. There is water under that bridge and the river is passed. I’ve read the Bible and what I’ve done shall be forgiven.” (Tim Westwood TV)

What does Rozay have to say about that?