Solange Knowles in ‘granny’s bikini’

Man I swear I’m not one whom like clowning on people, even the best of them. However if something is noticeable, of course, it’s normal to stare at; as a black man amongst a group of Caucasian friends, or Mase picking up a transvestite, or me walking in the barbershop with my too little muscle man Super Man T-shirt. Hey, I like my Super Man T-shirt by the way, and so does my wife. But whatever, this is not about me, it’s about things that ‘stand out’ right? RIGHT!

Well this morning, Solange Knowles stands out to me. Let me say this then I will continue. I like Beyonce’s little sister. She doesn’t ride the ‘Destiny Child’ affiliated coat tail. She has her own unique image, style and is highly independent, something I’m sure she acquired from her big sister and pop star sensation, Beyonce. But right now, this morning, I’m laughing at the baby girl of House of Dereon creative director and desginer, Tina Knowles. I’m laughing because I just saw a picture of Solange sporting a ‘granny bikini.’ (courtesy of Dime Wars) Yes. That is meant for a LMBO moment. I guess she wants the world to know that ‘she does not give a flying funk what we think.’ But maybe she should, because a world of us are laughing our butts off right now.

We love you Solange, but come on baby girl. I hope that was some tabloid picture trick ish.