Congratulations Eddie Murphy but think about it?

Lets pop bottles for one of the greatest comedians out there doing it. That’s right….Mr. funny man Eddie Murphy will be hosting the 84th Academy Awards, which will telecast February 26, 2012. A must see. Sure it will boost the shows ratings, namely due to African Americans tuning into the show as if it’s a presidential run off and a black man is in it. It’ll definitely expand the demographics regarding African American viewers as when Three Six Mafia won an Oscar in the Best Original Song category (Hustle and Flow, It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp), Jamie Foxx (Ray), Denzel Washington (Training Day), Hallie Berry (Monster’s Ball), MoniQue (Precious), though not the only black actors and actresses who received an Academy Award or has been nominated.

These achievements has indeed paved the way for blacks across the world of entertainment. Yet it also leads to black actors and actresses fighting for better roles even movie, as many of black actors are known for characterizing gangsters, drug dealers, slaves, and most of all, comedians.

This article is not to point the finger at white Americans nor Caucasians as a whole. However, though we as a human race celebrate Eddie Murphy for his great accomplishment to host the 84th Academy Awards, as we celebrated President Barack Obama for becoming the first African American president of the United States of America, we ‘black people’ can’t have this feeling of arrival. Black people, we are slaves in this country. Though the Hebrew boy Joseph won favor with the Egyptian Pharaoh, he was still a slave under Pharaoh. Though Michael Jackson was in fact the King of Pop, he was still enslaved to Hollywood as many stars are, just ask Will & Jada.

Nevertheless, support Eddie Murphy, a living legend as he host the 84th Academy Awards, Feb. 26, 2012 on ABC.