The controversial N-word; Is there a double standard within the black community?

Never has there ever been so much controversy over a word such as the N-word. Whether its suffix end in “er” or “ga” (not for Georgia), it continues to spark a fuse within the communities of race, politics, and entertainment regarding who can or cannot say it, or if it should be said at all. Within the African American community at large, there seems to be continual strife concerning the usage the word, for there are many blacks (whom use the word in most of their sentences when chatting with friends) that aren’t cool with even the hippest Caucasian using it. In other words, many see it as the ‘rights of passage’ only for blacks. Therefore, “if you’re not black, then you can’t use it. For if you do, then there will be repercussions.”

These days, more Caucasian rappers are becoming well known in the arena of hip hop. Some like Asher Roth, Eminem and most recently, Machine Gun Kelly have all chosen to stay a way from the controversial N-word, while others embrace it due the liberality of its expression in the environment to which they live or grew up. However, the latter doesn’t sit well with most rappers, for West Coast M.C. Game even threatened Bay Area rapper and White Girl Mob’s leader, KREAYSHAWN for using the word, to which she later denied saying it and that it was her sister, fellow White Girl Mob’s member, V-Nasty whom used the term.

Over the last couple of months, there has been multiple articles and blogs written due to the acceptance or lack of regarding the word and surrounding its prolong dispute as non black rappers are involved. In light of the situation, V-Nasty is thinking about abandoning it altogether despite her liberal feelings about it.

Is there a double standard in the black community for the use of the N-word?

Check out this latest video to which Oakland singer/M.C. Mistah Fab and V-Nasty along with another friend discuss the controversy around her usage of the N-word.