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An Atlanta Landmark – Krystal On Campbelton Rd Is Closed

Can you believe that Krystal on Campbelton Rd, SW Atlanta, GA is now closed and out of business. In Atlanta, Krystal on Campbelton rd was not just a fast food restaurant, but also a landmark in the community. I remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when Krystal’s was the hangout spot after you leave clubs like The Nite Lite, 559, 731, Sharon’s Showcase, just to name a few. Or a spot to hit after you leave Jelly Beans (The Skating Rink), or a good place to chill after a rival Mays-Douglass football game. This restaurant holds a lot of A-Town memories, I would say it’s “The Black folks Varsity”. Unfortunately, it appears that the property is a foreclosure and the price for the building has dropped down to $50,000. Where my Atlanta people at???? Check in and give your opinion or share your memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Piru this Piru that’

No this is not a diss to those whom are in a gang, let alone the Bloods since the title of this article is ‘Piru this Piru that’. Yet it comes a time when certain words, slangs, or what have you take away from the content of an artist’s song or verse. Example, take a record that seems to have no profanity on it. Then all of a certain, the artist says ‘sh@%’. Now before you remember any other line from that song, ‘sh@%’ is what’s going to stand out. This leads me to Lil Wayne’s verse on ‘Strange Clouds’, which is a joint lifted from Atlanta, GA rapper B.O.B. (Grand Hustle) upcoming sophomore studio album. I was riding with Weezy for a minute, yet was thrown off when he stated yelling out ‘PIRU, GANGSTAS, OUTLAWZ’..

Am I dissing Weezy or the bloods? No. This is about music and the power that it has to keep, lose, or shift your listeners attention. There are plenty great artist that either throw up their set or claim what they are banging in their songs (Snoop Dogg, Daz, Kurupt, Game) to name a few. Yet with seasoned artist like Snoop, Daz & Kurupt (Tha Dogg Pound), they understand the elements of musical format. Therefore when they claim Tha Dogg Pound, 20 Crip, etc., it doesn’t throw off their audience or listeners. In actually, for a hot second, it makes you feel like you’re crippin. That’s the power that music has.

Boxer Victor Ortiz ft. Ray J ‘The Baddest Girl’

Rapping singers, singing rappers, acting rappers, rapping actors, now RAPPING BOXERS. Seems like rap is in just about every entertainment category now-a-days. Guess Nas can eat his words that ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’.

So did y’all hit that new Ray J joint called ‘The Baddest Girl’? I’m not even going to trash talk it because I don’t want Brandy’s brother to come running after me. Don’t know if I would get the gangsta Ray J or the Mr. Sensitively. Still trying to figure out which one ran up on Fabolous that night (Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight).

Let me stop tripping on Ray J. Yet in actuality, it’s not Ray J that I’m so much tripping on. But it’s Ortiz. But I’ll let you listeners be the judge.

Check it out.

Is Pusha T dissing Drake?

That seems to be the question as on his song Don’t F With Me, T makes a reference to rappers working on their sophomore album.

“Rappers on their sophomores, actin’ like they boss lords/ Fame such a funny thing for sure, when n*ggas start believing all them encores/ I’m just the one to send you off, bonjour/ See yourself as I pull up in that mirror tint/ Skins vs. blouses, you mirror Prince, ‘Chappelle’s Show,’ all of you Neal Brennans, sketch comedy, who is for real penning?”
(“Don’t F*ck With Me”)

But Drizzy isn’t the only rapper working on their sophomore joint, and besides, those two never seem to have had any beef anyway despite the Lil Wayne (Young Money Entertainment) Jay Z (Roc Nation….Kanye West affiliated) fuel.
Despite the alleged disses, Pusha ends the track promising there are no direct shots at the song’s conclussion.

So…here’s a track that should incite some interesting discussions within the hip-hop community. Unless I’m reading wayyy too into it, there appear to be some shots fired at Drake on Pusha T’s new freestyle track, “Don’t Fuck Wit Me,” which uses the instrumental from Drizzy’s “Dreams Money Can Buy.” Now, I realize that Pusha proceeds to say “no shots” at the end of the track, but he also laughs maniacally and says “but nothing goes unseen.” (Prefix Mag)

50 Cent Says Ray J Swung On Fabolous But He Missed

50 Cent explains to Funk Flex what really happened between Ray J and Fabolous. Check out the radio interview!! Flex does a horrible job with this interview. Let 50 talk, damn bra!!!!!!

50 Cent Says Ray J Swung On Fabolous But He Missed On Hot 97 With Funk Flex. – YouTube.

Rihanna- Cheers

First “Man Down” now “Cheers”, does Rihanna have a split personality or what?? n her music you don’t know whether to watch out for bullets or pour her a glass of wine. She’s sexy though!!!

Cowboy’s Knock Off The Redskins


In a poorly played game by both teams, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys managed to kick their way to victory last night winning 18-16. The Cowboys offense played like they were high on prescription drugs (or cocaine) on Monday night. The receivers didn’t know which plays to run on several occasions and the center was having communication issues with the quarterback. Romo, one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL, played like a seasoned vet. He was coaching, making plays, and doing whatever it took for his team to be victorious.
The Redskins could have won the game if they would have played hard four quarters. It seems to me that the offense just couldn’t get things together in the 4th quarter. They stranded the running game and decided to let Grossman air it out for some strange reason. Grossman just didn’t get the job done last night. The defense gave up too many big plays also. The Cowboys are now 2-1 and tied with the Redskins who are also 2-1

Funk legend Sly Stone ‘living in a van’

The economy is jacked up for millions all across America, as many have lost jobs, houses, and even marriages have been destroyed. Particularly African Americans are sufffering the most due to the growing recession of this economy. Yet this doesn’t seems to be the case of funk legend, Sly Slone who is living in a van.

Stone’s matter is possibly due to a state of mind, as he last lost so much money from ‘lavish’ living and not managering his dollars. He also has a history of drug problems.

Despite his housing situation, Stone is still recording music in his van via laptop.

“My music is a format that will encourage you to have a song you won’t forget. That’s why I got so much money, that there are so many people around, and that’s why I am in court. Millions of dollars!” Stone told the Post.

Lets be in prayer for Stone. In the meantime, check out one of Stone’s greatest classic, which was also redid by famous hip hop/neo-soul group, Arrested Development (People Everyday), which version will also appear below.

To Believe or NOT believe?

50 cent has said that he will have another album dropping BY November!

That’s liike expecting snow tomorrow…

But hey, maybe so! He did say November, but didn’t say which year!

Verse Simmonds – Boo Thang feat. Kelly Roland – Youtube

Everyone uses the term “boo thang” of course someone had to make a song for it!

According to studies the “Hip Hop” Billionaire is..

Diddy is closer than ANYONE to being the hip hop billionaire.  He has an estimated net worth of $500.

Who’s The Richest HipHop Rapper?

Between Lil Wayne, Kanye West, 50  Cent, Jay Z, and P. Diddy.  Who do you think the richest rapper is?  Without googling it!

Answers will be posted in 2hrs

Keyshia Cole’s mom ‘Frankie leg’ dance

I’m not even mad at Frankie. She has gone through so much in her life that it’s time to enjoy her youth. She deserves it. Yes I must say, being youthful doesn’t stop when one gets a certain age and neither does it have to. People might laugh at her today; however, when the DJ start spinning this cut in the club, just watch how many people start doing this dance, and even as a part of their everyday routine.

Georgia Spared Convicted Killer Samuel David Crowe

” The parole board in the state of Georgia spared a convicted killer from execution hours before he was due to die by lethal injection on Thursday and commuted his sentence to life in prison. The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles made its decision less than three hours before Samuel David Crowe, 47, was to be executed, according to a spokeswoman for the state’s prisons. “After careful and exhaustive consideration of the requests, the board voted to grant clemency. The board voted to commute the sentence to life without parole,” the parole board said. Crowe’s death would have marked the third execution since the U.S. Supreme Court lifted an unofficial moratorium on the death penalty last month. For full story go to WorldStarHiphop

Vesta Williams, Hit 80’s R&B Singer, Found Dead

Vesta Williams, the diva known for her powerful voice and 80’s hits, was found dead in her California hotel room last night, according to reports. Though news sources have reported the singer was 48 years old, Williams can be seen in a 2010 interview saying she was 53.

TMZ is reporting that bottles of prescription pills were found in the hotel room, and that the authorities are treating the singer’s death as an accident or suicide.

Williams scored a big hit with “Congratulations,” a song about a woman who is distraught upon learning that her former lover is getting married. “Congratulations,” with its vocal acrobatics and dramatic story, became a talent show staple.

Jackeé Harry, the television actress, tweeted her condolences about the singer’s passing.

“…just received truly devastating news: R&B great, and my friend of many yrs, Vesta Williams (@vesta4u), has passed away. #RIPVesta”

via Vesta Williams, Hit 80’s R&B Singer, Found Dead In Her California Hotel Room.

‘Blood is on the state of Georgia’s hand’ R.I.P. Troy Davis

In lieu of the death of alleged cop killer Troy Davis, many have spoken out about the unfairness and injustice Davis received as he was put to death by lethal injection, not given a fair trial to prove his innocence regarding the 1989 murder of Savannah Officer Mark Allen MacPhail. One of the many people to speak out was TV judge, Greg Mathis stating that “Davis was unjustly put to death by a lethal injection.”

Whether one agrees or not concerning the matter of Davis’ innocence or guilt, the fact still remains that the justice system is indeed flawed.

Check out Mathis’ video concerning Troy Davis’ execution below.

‘I’ll suck your toes’ (if you put a condom on it)

This is so grotesque. Girl sucks two guys toes with a condom on it. Ewwwwwwwwww. Shameful of her to even violate herself like that. Shameful of these two cats as well as they play ‘actor and director’ of this toe sucking flick.

Watch the toe sucking video below for your pleasure.

Halle Berry Breaks Her Foot in Spain

Accidents happen, and not even A-list stars are immune.

Halle Berry broke her foot Wednesday in Spain, while “walking in Mallorca on a day off from filming,” according to a statement by Warner Bros.

Berry, who is currently shooting Cloud Atlas was photographed being escorted out of a Spanish hospital in a wheelchair, her right leg in a cast up to her knee. “Production has adjusted their schedule and will continue filming,” the studio’s statement continues.
For more go to Halle Berry Breaks Her Foot in Spain – Health, Halle Berry : People.com.

The ‘N’ Word is positive says DJ Khaled

Yep, he said it. Do I even need to say more? Read it for yourself.

Speaking to DJ Green Lantern, Khaled described his credentials that should allow him to be able to use the controversial term.

“I’m a n*gga,” Khaled said. “If somebody ever took that in an arrogant — If someone thinks it in another way, they dumb. I grew up like that. It’s slang. It’s actually a positive word the way that I use it, the way that Ace [Hood] is using it. If you think like that, that goes back to the Internet. The hate.” (Invasion Radio)

Khaled continued to fuel his argument by reminscing upon when he was addressed as a “n*gga” when he was younger.

“For me to say ‘We the best, oooo weeee n*gga, we the best!’ You know what I’m talking about,” Khaled added. “N*ggas that’s thinking that is dumb f*cks. Once again, I’d like to shout out the fans who love this music. What makes me mad, when I grew up, n*ggas was calling me sand n*gga. That’s ignorant, because there’s only one way to say it. You can’t say, ‘Yo what up my sand n*gga?’ That’s not the way we grew up in the streets — When I say ‘What up my n*gga,’ I say that to Green all the time. ‘What up my nig?’ That’s just me greeting you with love. But if somebody takes it another way, they dumb.” (Invasion Radio)

Can we blame him? I’m sure many would consider it ‘positive affirmation’ as many women go around calling each other h@e$ and b@$%^@&.

‘Lets not completely play the race card’ R.I.P. Troy Davis

Yes surely many of us are wondering if things would be different if Troy Davis was WHITE! Nothing is wrong with such a thought, for as we ponder over history, blacks experience the injustice of the judical system more than any other race. No, racial controversy is not to be ignored; however, it’s the heart of a man that reveals himself. Not his skin color. Why still after some 22 years later, the family of the murdered policeman want Troy Davis to die? Pay back, revenge, anger, unforgiveness, the pride of life, which is the root of them all. Still, many as myself wonder: what if Davis was white? Would the family or the judicial courts still want this man to die?

Well, they’ve got what they wanted. Yet what about that peace that is sought of by the family of the slain officer Mark MacPhail? Will they ever obtain it? The truth of the matter is, no matter what kind of justice a person feels has been served, unforgiveness does not bring about peace. It will eat you alive like rats and worms.

Though we grieve at the lost in the MacPhail family, we must now we cry out for ‘mercy’ undue to their unforgiveness.

1/2 of tha Dogg Pound Kurupt ‘Massacre Central’ video

This video appears to be about a year old. However it’s BANGING. The song itself is DOPE. And Kurupt, 1/2 of Tha Dogg Pound (Daz & Kurupt) is my favorite EMCEE on the West Coast next to his big homie and protege’, Bigg Snoop Dogg. Yes, Kurupt The Kinpin aka Kurupt Young Gotti is a BEAST.

Check out the ‘Massacre Central’ video below and do go pick up the “Kurupt Presents Penagon Rydaz” when it drops on October 4.

Madden NFL 12

Have you played Madden NFL 12 on jeux xbox yet? If not, what are you waiting for? This game is unbelievable! The graphics are awesome, the players look like real people. If you have played the previous versions of Madden, you will have to adjust to some of the new features like always. Once you get the hang of it, I think you’ll love the upgraded version. Hopefully I’ll be the best among my friends by the end of the year.

Ray J. made it all up….No fight with F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S.

My gutt feeling told me that wasn’t true. Yet you know us bloggers report information before we get the entire facts. This is in reference to the article I wrote yesterday about Ray J knocking out rapper Fabolous following the Floyd Mayweather/Victor Ortiz fight. Come to find out, that wasn’t true. So says Fab, and so says Ray J.

Hitting up Twitter to give his mea culpa, Ray J admitted he lost control of himself.

“I want to apologize to my fans that might have been offended by the things I said on the radio today. I lost control.,” he tweeted Tuesday (September 20). (Ray J’s Twitter)

Monday night, Fab called up Power 105.1 radio host DJ Clue to address Ray J’s remarks.

“Who called in, Tupac?” Fab said sarcastically referring to Ray J’s initial Monday morning rant. “Tupac called in? That wasn’t Ray J. You can’t be serious. That wasn’t Ray J. That wasn’t him. That wasn’t Willy Norwood Jr. That wasn’t him. That wasn’t Brandy brother…It was no fight, it was no swing — This whole story that he made up, that Tupac rant about him swinging on somebody and all of that sh*t is all lies. It’s all, high on coke, on that Whitney. That’s all on that Whitney last night. Ain’t no swings take place. You can ask the Money Team. The Money Team was standing right there. Ask the Money Team that hes probably the water boy for — There’s nothing to squash. We can progress in our own ways. He can go his way and I can go my way. He can continue playing the piano at Floyd’s crib if he wants and I’ll continue to do what I do and he can continue to do concerts in n*ggas living rooms all he wants.” (Power 105.1)

So is the question, is Ray J on that ex Bobby and Whitney?

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