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Who Is Tyler The Creator: Best New Artist?


Who Is Tyler The Creator: Best New Artist?

So is this what hip hop has evolved to.  After so many conspiracy theories about rappers and secret societies, devil worshipers and hidden agendas, now the movement is more direct.  Instead of sending subliminal messages, now we have artist like Tyler The Creator.  An atheist rapper that doesn’t bite his tongue about anything.  Blasphemy lyrical content with Satanic symbols, the agenda is no longer hidden folks.  The devil is definitely at work!

The sad part about this movement is the fact that Tyler The Creator is actually a gifted MC.  His delivery is dope, he has lyrical content and character.  How the hell a hip hop artist win a VMA award without getting radio play in a city like Atlanta?  Is his radio rotation outside of the south that strong or is his Youtube campaign powerful enough to generate nationwide stardom?  I don’t know, do you?


‘Jay Z isn’t tripping off Lil Wayne’

Yes that’s right. Jay Z isn’t tripping off Lil Wayne and his ‘little’ disses. Why? Because Jay Z is a brand. Just ask music business mogul Steve Stoute about whether Mr. Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter will respond to Lil Wayne’s diss. (It’s On, Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Jadakiss)

“For Jay-Z to do anything that resembles moving backwards right now would be insane,” Stoute explained in an interview. “And a Jay-Z beef is moving backwards. Jay is so much bigger than rap at this point. He’s a movement. And that’s where his head is at. That’s where his focus is. And no one is on his level, even worthy of him battling with. No one. So you probably won’t see that happen.” (You Heard That New)

Agreed? Will Jay Z respond to Lil Wayne? Even silently?

Stay tuned…