‘Confusion leads to violence between a black man and a Korean on a bus’

Seems like we as a people (not a black race, but mankind) have much work to do. That’s why it’s so important to have an understanding of cultures, and even take some foreign languages before visiting a culture that is foreign to yours. For certain things will confuse you, leading to some friction. Take this matter for example.

There was a case on a bus in Korea to which supposedly, this guy, who happens to be ‘black’ and a foreigner was talking really loud. The korean man told the girl who was screaming there (who’s his girlfriend), as you will see in the video “Niga Jom Joyonghi Halago Haejwo” ( “니가 좀 조용히 하라고 해줘”) which means “Could you tell him to lower his voice”. However, the guy, again whom happens to be ‘black’ began screaming and acting out because he thought the Korean guy called him a n*^@@er. Yet the truth is that in the Korean language, Niga (니가) means “you” and not the n-word so loosely used in America by many of our own people, despite the essence of it being derogatory towards ‘our’ kind. Again, that’s why it’s so important to know a little about the cultures to which you decide that you want to visit, as well as take up some language courses.

I lived in Korea for two years, teaching English as a Second Language. Though not required that I speak Korean, it was helpful towards building relationships with Koreans whom might not know how to speak English, or whom are shy speaking English to a foreigner. Having stated that, Niga in the Korean language is not a term used to call someone a derogatory name. However geomdong-i (검둥이), which means coon or darky is the term that a ‘racist’ Korean would use.

This is not a matter of black vs. Korean. However, it’s a matter of lack of understanding related to cultural differences and language.

Check out the video below.