Did Marc Anthony have anything to do with Will And Jada Pinkett Smith’s split?

Heartbroken to know that Will & Jada Pinkett Smith are spitting after 13 years old marriage. However there are so many rumors circulating about their relationship (whether they are spitting and not) that everyone is confused. But you know Hollywood. First the rumors start, then goes the denials, and later….the TRUTH; whatever that truth may be.

Now here’s where things get more interesting. It is now said that (if the spit is true) Marc Anthony, now ex husband to pop star, actress and American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez is slated to have something with Will and Jada’s split. According to TMZ, Will caught Jada & Marc alone together at home. Don’t know how true that is, but it is true that Marc plays Jada’s love interest ‘Hawthorne’, which is a a show that she executive produce.